Month: June 2022

It’s A New Era of God

These last few years have seen a lot of changes – not just here in the United States, but around the entire globe. We’ve faced challenges never seen before – and we’ve dealt (and are still dealing) with many of them. Things seem “different” and in some cases “off” from...

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Dairy, Dairy, Quite Contrary by Amy Lillard

Twenty-nine year old Sissy Yoder has packed up her bags and Duke (her Yorkshire terrier) –she’s not gettin’ outta Dodge – she’s gettin’ out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Seems like things just weren’t working out in Tulsa, especially when it came to her cowboy boyfriend. Now she’s...

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Oldies Vault: Fun In The Summer Sun

June 21st:  The “official” first day of summer.  Step into the Oldies Vault for a list of favorite summer tunes from decades gone by. I still like my summer getaway drives with a CD case packed with my favorite artists that evoke the sounds of summer fun.  Vacation...

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Guilty Creatures edited by Martin Edwards

Looking for something different when it comes to stellar mysteries? Then check out Guilty Creatures recently released by Poison Pen Press. This is another “fine” example of a compilation of mysteries from the British Library Crime Classics. I’ve really gotten “hooked”...

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