A Cool Jolt: Coffee Ice Cream

As the saying goes, “you scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream” especially in the hot summer months. Ice cream is a refreshing treat for all ages, and stores are touting every kind of ice-cream imaginable. Coffee Lovers Rejoice: This year I’ve seen more coffee...

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Summer is clearly on the way. And one of the best thirst-quenching treats of summer is lemonade. Nothing beats lemonade from freshly squeezed lemons. But if you’re like me – well, frankly, that’s a lot of work! And luckily for all of us, there are plenty of brands of...

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In The (Lighting) Mood

In 1963, British entrepreneur, Edward Craven, founder of a lighting company, invented lava lamps.  Lava lamps were glass vessels in assorted shapes and sizes, filled with a colored wax mixture and translucent liquid.  When the lamp heated up, the wax melted,  constantly...

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E-Z Gourmet Hot Cocoa & Lattes

It’s easier than you think to make designer lattes and hot cocoas at home!  You’re home anyway, so why not experiment with some “hot treats” to help you pillage your way through winter on frosty mornings or chilly nights! You may even have leftover candy from the holidays. ...

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Gift Ideas for Children and Teens

FOR YOUNGER CHILDREN: Pop-Up Books are always entertaining to the little ones as each page slowly opens.  There’s pop-ups on trucks, firehouses, construction, fairy tales, holiday tales, even cartoon pops ups. Engaging Books:   Books that have your kids interacting such...

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Hot Hot Hot? Make It Cold Cold Cold (Brew)!

Buster Poindexter must have been in the throes of summer when he sang his Billboard chart hit Hot Hot Hot in 1987. I love starting off my mornings with a hearty brew of coffee – I’m addicted and freely admit, a coffee snob.  But when it’s Hot Hot Hot smack in the middle...

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