EZ Fall Decorating Ideas

According to our calendar, September 22nd marks the first day of Fall.  The seasonal changes may be very subtle or can land abruptly.   Either way, it can be a nice change to have crisper, cooler air and the turning of foliage creating brilliant, colorful landscapes throughout...

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Fall & Winter Outdoor Entertaining

With the pandemic still a major threat, it’s time to reverse our thinking.  Instead of bringing “the outside in” – let’s bring “the inside out!”  With fall and winter on the horizon, why not start planning for easy outdoor entertaining – even in some of the colder states. Time...

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Money Saving Tips

Even if you have no children, this is one of the BEST times of the year to cash in on money-saving deals for yourself! Over the years I couldn’t help but notice all the “back to school sales and bargains” that sellers claim students and college-bound teenagers need; but...

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EZ Summer Casual Style

Since I’ve been working from home the last 5 years, I have an entirely different clothing style then when I worked at a marketing company.  With many of you working from home or just simply retired, finding your “comfort clothing” style without looking sloppy or dumpy...

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