Savor the Flavors of Fall

Summer’s gone – kaput – finished – done! But that’s OK. Whether you’re still working or retired, this is the perfect time to savor the tastes and flavors of fall. Time to “mix it up” — bring in a burst of fresh fall air, festive foods and colorful fall decor.

It’s actually very easy for anyone to make a few simple changes to “freshen” up their living space and bring in the fall flavors. Some ideas can be store bought or become DIY projects – but all are simple. Here are some EASY fall ideas:


– Add a PLANTER(s) filled with colorful mums or other fall flowers to your porch, deck or outside your front door. OR: go FAKE.  Weigh down colorful empty planters, baskets or pots with rocks or other heavy items.  Then fill them with an assortment of artificial mums, daisies, fall foliage, etc., using a variety of contrasting colors.  Easy care, no watering necessary!

– Add a festive fall TABLE RUNNER to your dining room table or coffee table. Colorful runners featuring pumpkins, gourds or fall patterns give your room an instant “pop.”

– FRUIT BOWLS: Line a fall colored fruit bowl with artificial leaves and fill it with an assortment of apples, other fruit and some whole nuts in a shell such as walnuts and pecans. Hang some nut crackers on the side of the bowl. Add some extra fun by tucking in some small scarecrow or Halloween ornaments peeking out among the fruit (a great way to get the kids interested in healthy eating).

– COLORFUL THROWS: Add a splash of fall color to your living room with an autumn themed throw – perfect to get cozy while watching TV.

– Hang a fall WREATH. Go natural with a wreath made with fall leaves, twigs and pine cones OR go bright with a wreath in contrasting vibrant colors such as orange, deep yellows, gold and purple. Buy one in the store or DIY.

– LIGHT IT UP! Catalogs and local retailers tout gorgeous autumn swags with twinkling fairy lights to hang on your front door, drape around archways (inside or out) or to enhance a mantle.  OR:  skip the twinkling lights and get a plain fall swag.  BUT those tiny lights do add so much more appeal at night, giving off a warm and welcoming glow!  DIY:  Buy a fall swag and add your own fairy lights…heck, if you’re creative, make the whole swag!

GOT KIDS? Start a family tradition and let them help you decorate for fall! You might even want to let them pick out fall decor, plants, wreaths, etc.


Some of the best fruits and vegetables are now in season. Don’t miss out on fresh picked local apples, squash, pumpkins, etc.

Love love love those apple cider donuts! And let’s not forget those candy apples (buy them in stores or make your own—and what kid wouldn’t love to help you make them?). Chilly night? Heat up some apple cider (with or without rum). Perfect for Saturday night movie night along with some popcorn .

PUMPKIN EVERYTHING: Oh yeah – everything pumpkin and pumpkin spice is out! I’m not complaining – I’m simply “going with it” and you should too!

Make a pumpkin smoothie with pumpkin ice-cream and/or pumpkin yogurt.

– Treat yourself to a wealth of pumpkin desserts and snacks such as: pumpkin cake, cookies, breads, tube pumpkin rolls (refrigerator section of grocery store), roasted pumpkin seeds, etc. Even stores are flaunting some unusual pumpkin items like pumpkin empanadas, waffles, etc.

– Zip up your toast and bagels with pumpkin or apple cider spreads and jams.

– Check your grocery store for bags of pumpkin spice coffee, pecan coffee, caramel coffee or other festive fall blends and brew your own. You’ll love the way it makes your kitchen smell. OR: treat yourself to the nearest coffee shop. Almost every one of them is bound to carry their own “fall coffee specials.”

While you may miss summer, remember to take advantage of all that fall has to offer. Give yourself and your home  a little “fall flavor boost” – sure to pick up your spirits, brighten your day and take the chill out of cooler nights.

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