Hot Fudge Murder by Cynthia Baxter

With the hot summer month of August in full force, I can’t think of a better cozy to read than Cynthia Baxter’s Hot Fudge Murder.  Miss Baxter hooked me on the very first page with her mouth-watering descriptions of the ice-cream flavors available at the Lickety Splits...

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EZ Summer Casual Style

Since I’ve been working from home the last 5 years, I have an entirely different clothing style then when I worked at a marketing company.  With many of you working from home or just simply retired, finding your “comfort clothing” style without looking sloppy or dumpy...

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Oldies Vault: Happy, Bouncy, Feel Good Music!

There’s no doubt about it – happy, bouncy music can uplift spirits and get you out of a down sliding funk.  One of my favorite “peppy” songs peaked only at #41 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 1996 – literally a one hit wonder by The Wonders.  That Thing You Do! is just plain...

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E-Z Tips to Ease Uncertain Times

In these uncertain times life can be more up and down than a Duncan YoYo  — even these pelicans seem to be social distancing!   Here are some easy ideas to help you feel like you’re getting a piece of your “old” life back, and some new ideas to help you go forward. MASKS: ...

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