From The Vault: Halloween Oldies

Over the years the airwaves have provided us with a boatload of hits that are appropriate for the Halloween Season at hand. Some are just fun (the Monster Mash) or goofy (Ding Dong the Witch is Dead), others are just downright scary. So let’s talk some “scary”: Metallica’s...

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Savor the Flavors of Fall

Summer’s gone – kaput – finished – done! But that’s OK. Whether you’re still working or retired, this is the perfect time to savor the tastes and flavors of fall. Time to “mix it up” — bring in a burst of fresh fall air, festive foods and colorful fall decor. It’s...

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Oldies Vault: Good Guys & Spies

Through the decades TV shows and hit movies have given us plenty of great theme song music. Some of the biggest and catchiest hits belong to good guys and spies. So let’s crack open the oldies vault and bring out some of these songs – some forgotten, others, still popular...

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Paul Thorn: Never Too Late To Call

Mississippi-native songwriter, singer, and guitar player, Paul Thorn just released his newest album: Never Too Late To Call. And Thorn has never sounded better. At 57 years old, Paul Thorn is at the TOP OF HIS GAME! He’s the son of a preacher and nephew of a once-pimp,...

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