The Mighty Mandarin

The mandarin orange may be small, but it sure packs a healthy punch!  There are many types of mandarin oranges – the most popular being tangerines, tangelos and Clementines.  And what’s so great about mandarins? In addition to being sweet and tasty, they are super easy...

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In The (Lighting) Mood

In 1963, British entrepreneur, Edward Craven, founder of a lighting company, invented lava lamps.  Lava lamps were glass vessels in assorted shapes and sizes, filled with a colored wax mixture and translucent liquid.  When the lamp heated up, the wax melted,  constantly...

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From the Oldies Vault: Slow Dance & Romance

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and as John Paul Young sang in 1978: Love Is InThe Air!  Step into the Oldie’s Vault for some romantic love songs that still withstand the test of time! The 50’s and early 60’s brought us plenty of groups with smooth, satiny voices, all...

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Smokey Robinson & Charlie Wilson: A Stellar Duet

Back in 1960, I got my first dose of Smokey Robinson through the Miracles’ Billboard Hit, Shop Around.  Lead singer Smokey’s vocals were crisp and clean, his stage persona was lively and infectious.  The Miracles relentlessly pounded the charts in the early 60’s through...

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The Oldies Vault: Get Love Happy!

With Valentine’s Day fast tracking around the bend, it’s time to step into the Oldies Vault for some fun, upbeat, just plain “love happy” music. So many songs, especially in the 50’s, told us stories.  The Ray’s, Silhouettes is about a jealous lover who “thinks” he sees...

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Nature Lovers: Chase Away Those Winter Blues

Are you chomping so hard at the bit for spring to arrive that you broke a tooth? Have you planted artificial flowers in your yard for the lack of colorful, living flowers – and even worse, convinced yourself they are real? If so, my friend, you may be suffering from a...

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