More Holiday Gift Ideas

This is the perfect year to get creative with personal gift boxes and baskets and “out of the box” thinking.  Here’s some ideas to spark your creativity: STUFF A STOCKING: – Scour the grocery store aisles for unique gourmet treats and spices.  You have to go grocery...

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E-Z Holiday Leftovers Ideas

Got leftovers?  Turn them into something totally different using the E-Z ideas below.  These are basic ideas –it’s up to you to decide if you want to add more or less of each of the ingredients, depending on your personal taste.  Add a few extra ingredients to your...

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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

FOR “YOU”:  You do so much for others plus you’re surviving the pandemic – it’s been a challenging year.  So why not start the gift giving with something FOR YOURSELF?  Decorate, paint (switch colors) and freshen up your home (after all, you’re probably in it quite a...

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Kids Holiday Projects & Family Fun

With so many families staying at home with their children, it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained, especially when they all know that Santa Claus is coming to town! Get some very important, memory making one-on-one time with your children by having them help...

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EZ Healthy Holiday Centerpieces

With the holidays coming up fast, so is all the scrumptious and high calorie food that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years has to offer. Why not put out a decorative, yet healthy, centerpiece on your dining room table or on the coffee table in the “TV” room...

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If you like the Christmas decorating ideas below, you may want to order them SOON. Everyone is putting the “pedal to the metal” as far as shopping online and even in stores.  Also don’t wait too long to hit your local craft stores and dollar stores. ...

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