E-Z Tips For Your Outdoor Space

Since the pandemic everyone has jumped on the “backyard entertaining” bandwagon. Folks who never gave outside entertaining a second thought now can’t get enough of it! And it’s easy for “anyone” to have an outdoor space to entertain or just to sit outside in good weather...

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Cool Coleus (pronounced: coal-eez)

I love versatile, easy care coleus. They are available in spring and all through fall in most places. While some coleus will give you just a little bit of flowering, they are generally more of a showy, leafy plant. In warmer climates they can last all year, but in colder...

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Tips for Repelling Mosquitoes Naturally

The cicadas are coming! It’s in all the newspapers and on the local news. Sure, they are pretty ugly – yes, they can make some loud noises and hangout in your trees and yard — but they don’t sting or bite. My gripe isn’t with the cicadas, it’s with those pesky mosquitoes. There’s...

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There’s an overwhelming freshness when it comes to spring!  While I love the sweet fragrances of hyacinths and lilies of the valley that fill the air, there’s something soothing and wonderful when it comes to the smell of fresh mint plants. With so many varieties of mint...

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An Old Hat Can Become A Bird’s New Nest

Spring is here and birds are anxiously scoping out places to build their nests.  Here’s an idea for not only recycling, but helping our feathered friends. After our mother passed on, we were left with a lot of her clothing and other personal items. Among those items were...

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