An Old Hat Can Become A Bird’s New Nest

Spring is here and birds are anxiously scoping out places to build their nests.  Here’s an idea for not only recycling, but helping our feathered friends. After our mother passed on, we were left with a lot of her clothing and other personal items. Among those items were...

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Lovely Lavender

There’s nothing quite as soothing as sitting in a garden filled with lavender. Lavender has long been touted as having a “calming and soothing effect.” Now that’s something we all can use! There are many different varieties of this bushy semi-evergreen herb. Depending...

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Nature Lovers: Chase Away Those Winter Blues

Are you chomping so hard at the bit for spring to arrive that you broke a tooth? Have you planted artificial flowers in your yard for the lack of colorful, living flowers – and even worse, convinced yourself they are real? If so, my friend, you may be suffering from a...

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