Watch Those Flowers Grow!

Planting seeds is not only easy, but economical! These days, flowers and plants at garden centers are going for some hefty prices. While some flowers/plants are difficult to grow from seeds, others are not.

Check out your local garden centers or even dollar stores, to see what flowering seed packets are available. For the last few years here in the Northeast, I’ve discovered seed packets of Marigolds and Zinnia’s are easily grown from seed packets with very little fuss!

A seed packet of marigolds that cost $1.25, produced 20 bushy, hearty Marigold plants that bloomed all summer long (what a bargain!). Another packet (also $1.25) produced more than a dozen tall, colorful Zinnias.

Maybe you never considered trying to grow a packet or two of seeds. This just might be the year to try something different! Start the seed packets in some type of container, even if you plan on eventually planting them directly in the ground. Follow the basic growing directions on the back of the packet. Once the seeds start breaking ground, you’ll see them continually grow – some by leaps and bounds, others may take their time.


– Make sure you keep the empty seed packets so you can refer to the backside of the packets for directions as to how and where to re-plant the mature plants. Trust me, once you toss that packet you’re NOT going to remember that stuff!

– Make sure the plants are fully established before you re-plant into another container or into your garden bed.

– Do some research. Many plants have multiple varieties. For example, Marigolds come in a variety of colors and heights. Many flowers also come in smaller “dwarf” varieties as well as larger counterparts. Think about where you are going to plant them when you buy the seed packets.

– Mix it up! If you have a garden, try planting some plants directly into the ground and others into a container garden. Mix your new plants with other plants already growing – think contrasting colors, textures, and height.

– Container gardens are perfect for just about everyone. No yard? No problem. Don’t have much time for gardening? No problem. Container gardens are compact and easy to maintain, especially for those with full-time jobs or even limited mobility. They are also perfect for balconies, patios or small areas that need a boost of color.

– Most flowers should be dead-headed (pinching off the dead buds), to allow for new growth. Again, do your homework on the flowers you are choosing.

– Excess plants? If your seed packets produce more flowers than you need, re-plant some of them into a colorful container(s) and give to a friend, neighbor or loved one as a gift.

Growing plants from seeds is a wonderful form of gardening. More and more articles appear every year praising the destressing effects of gardening and getting back to nature.

Enjoy the calming effect of planting a packet of tiny little seeds and watch them push their way to the surface as sprouts. Simple pleasures of nature, like watching those seeds turn into full grown beautiful flowers is sure to brighten your day and the days ahead, with minimal effort. Watch those flowers grow!

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