Hard Rockin’ & Metal Oldies

While the music of the 60’s and 70’s had us feeling mellow and groovy and giving peace a chance, there were some groups during these decades that started infusing heavy rock into their music, making way for the hard hitting 80’s. The first song that comes to mind is the...

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to step into the sugary sweet vault of “Love Happy” Oldies.  Unlike a box of chocolate, these delicious memories of decades gone by, won’t add a single calorie to your diet! Smooth 50’s crooners like Dean Martin and...

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What better way to start off a brand new year than with another trip down Memory Lane with some of the bounciest, happiest, just plain “feel good” music from the past. In the 50’s Chuck Berry was introduced to Leonard Chess (Chess Records) by Muddy Waters and the rest...

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Holiday 45’s – What’s in Your Jukebox?

It’s time to toss a few Christmas oldies into the jukebox or just reminisce about the tunes of holidays past. The Royal Guardsmen make us smile when we hear the classic tale of Snoopy taking on the Red Baron.  Bobby Helms picks up the tempo with his Jingle Bell Rock,...

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