Fun & Upbeat Oldies

Start the year off right by stepping into the Oldies Vault for some fun, upbeat and rockin’ songs. In 1971, the Isley Brothers sang us their best advice – Love The One You’re With. In these challenging times, that includes not only lovers, but friends, family...

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Holiday Jukebox Oldies

Once again, it’s time to toss a few Christmas oldies into the jukebox or just reminisce about the tunes of holidays gone by. While we’re all familiar with the classic and standard holiday songs throughout the years, what better way to end another challenging year than...

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From The Vault: Halloween Oldies

Over the years the airwaves have provided us with a boatload of hits that are appropriate for the Halloween Season at hand. Some are just fun (the Monster Mash) or goofy (Ding Dong the Witch is Dead), others are just downright scary. So let’s talk some “scary”: Metallica’s...

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Oldies Vault: Good Guys & Spies

Through the decades TV shows and hit movies have given us plenty of great theme song music. Some of the biggest and catchiest hits belong to good guys and spies. So let’s crack open the oldies vault and bring out some of these songs – some forgotten, others, still popular...

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Oldies Vault: Patriotic Music

Around the 4th of July who doesn’t feel extra patriotic? And this July 4th we have another new freedom to celebrate. Freedom from Covid. Covid is going “down” and businesses are going back “up!” It’s another win for our country, another reason to celebrate ALL of our...

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