From The Oldies Vault: Happy Music

Spring is in the air – summer is right around the corner – things in general are looking “up!” Time to step into the Oldies Vault for some Happy Music! The Blackbyrds were an American rhythm and blues/jazz-funk fusion group hailing from Washington, DC in 1973. They are...

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From the Oldies Vault: Slow Dance & Romance

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and as John Paul Young sang in 1978: Love Is InThe Air!  Step into the Oldie’s Vault for some romantic love songs that still withstand the test of time! The 50’s and early 60’s brought us plenty of groups with smooth, satiny voices, all...

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The Oldies Vault: Get Love Happy!

With Valentine’s Day fast tracking around the bend, it’s time to step into the Oldies Vault for some fun, upbeat, just plain “love happy” music. So many songs, especially in the 50’s, told us stories.  The Ray’s, Silhouettes is about a jealous lover who “thinks” he sees...

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MOVE IT! Workout Oldies from the Vault

No two ways about it – last year was a rough year.  Time to lose that 2020 stress through exercise and fitness regimes.  Whether you choose outside activities such as walking, running, biking — or staying indoors doing stretches, weights, yoga, etc., music will...

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Upbeat, Happy Dancing Oldies

With 2020 being a year to challenge “all years,” it can be harder than ever to stay happy and positive.  So let’s step into the Oldies Vault for some upbeat, happy oldies, sure to get your feet (and other body parts) moving! Nothing can get the party started like dancing...

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Oldies Vault: Happy, Bouncy, Feel Good Music!

There’s no doubt about it – happy, bouncy music can uplift spirits and get you out of a down sliding funk.  One of my favorite “peppy” songs peaked only at #41 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 1996 – literally a one hit wonder by The Wonders.  That Thing You Do! is just plain...

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