Open The Creaky Vault of Halloween Oldies

Halloween is fast approaching. Every year I re-post this list of “classic-retro” blasts from the past that fit the spooky season like a glove. Michael Jackson’s Thriller was one of Jackson’s biggest hits. Late horror actor, Vincent Price added his own personal maniacal...

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Vinyl Dice (from the Oldies Vault)

Feeling lucky in love? Feeling lucky at the casino? Enjoy these Vinyl Dice oldies flashbacks. In 1950, Frank Loesser wrote Luck Be A Lady. Although covered heavily by Sinatra, including on his live Sinatra At The Sands album, it was actually first performed by Simon Mullins....

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Vinyl Gym: Upbeat Bouncy Oldies

Step into the Vinyl Gym where the oldies from decades gone by get a work out! Summer is in full swing. It’s the perfect time to load up your favorite listening devices when enjoying outdoor picnics, bar-b-ques, patio parties or hitting the road. Past decades still hold...

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Oldies Vault: Fun In The Summer Sun

June 21st:  The “official” first day of summer.  Step into the Oldies Vault for a list of favorite summer tunes from decades gone by. I still like my summer getaway drives with a CD case packed with my favorite artists that evoke the sounds of summer fun.  Vacation...

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From the Oldies Vault: Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air and it just doesn’t matter whether you love your spouse, a special friend, a family member, your pets – or even yourself! Celebrate love and life and take a step back into the oldies vault of songs from decades past, featuring “love happy” and romantic...

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