We Got The Memo

Like many folks out there, I spend quite of bit of time thinking and analyzing the world around us. Throughout our lives we can expect to have good times and bad times.  We can expect ups and downs – Sinatra said it best in his song:  “That’s Life.”  The lyrics ring true,...

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Iced Coffee With God

These days, life can be so over-the-top challenging that it can even get to the best of us.   Social media and news outlets love to jump on the negative — it’s what they do — after all, negativity sells.  In a time where the world is still reeling with the...

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Something To Ponder

It’s the dawn of a new day in this age of the overbearing coronavirus.  Things seem so disjointed, surreal and sometimes, just downright bizarre. But as I sit outside on my garden bench (coffee in hand), having my morning chat with God, I can’t help but ponder how this...

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Jesus Stamped Our Bill: PAID IN FULL

The hymn, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, has always been my favorite Easter song.  There is no better inspirational music than some of our old-time Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving hymns. Sadly, the only time you hear them anymore is in church and even then, your favorite...

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