Something To Ponder

It’s the dawn of a new day in this age of the overbearing coronavirus.  Things seem so disjointed, surreal and sometimes, just downright bizarre. But as I sit outside on my garden bench (coffee in hand), having my morning chat with God, I can’t help but ponder how this...

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Jesus Stamped Our Bill: PAID IN FULL

The hymn, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, has always been my favorite Easter song.  There is no better inspirational music than some of our old-time Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving hymns. Sadly, the only time you hear them anymore is in church and even then, your favorite...

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It’s a Beautiful Morning

In 1968 The Rascal sang it best:  It’s a beautiful morning, I think I’ll go outside a while… An just smile… You may be thinking – huh?  What’s there to smile about?  The coronavirus has knocked the wind out of our sails, changed our life-style to the new “social-distancing,”...

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Need help getting going in the morning? Worried about work, bills, health or other of life’s many challenges? Then begin each day with an “Attitude of Gratitude.” When you start each day with a positive “Attitude of Gratitude,” you’re acknowledging the blessings of your...

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