God’s Raindrops

Rainy days – some folks love them, some folks hate them. But here’s something to ponder no matter where you stand on the matter. I never minded a rainy day, except, of course, when I had a dreadful work commute (especially on a Monday morning). The slightest bit of rain...

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A Clean Slate: New Year 2023

Winter has arrived. Christmas has come and gone. Now 2023 is upon us. Out with the old and in with the new! With the last few years being so challenging, many of us look forward to a “re-set” and “re-start” and 2023 is it! For some folks New Year’s Eve is just “another...

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Celebrate the Season – It’s Christmas!

You can smell it in the air – Christmas is here and the New Year is just a blink of a snowflake away. The holidays awaken our senses with the joy and wonder of the season. On Christmas Eve parents make sure there’s a full plate of cookies and milk just for Santa. They...

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A Cornucopia of Blessings

The trees are shedding their colorful fall foliage, leaving branches looking cold and barren. It’s a sure sign that Thanksgiving is here and fall will soon be making a humble exit. But if you take a good hard look at those empty trees on a bright sunny day, you’ll see...

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Simple Ways to Help Others in Need

Most folks say they just don’t have the time to volunteer or take on more responsibilities, especially if they have a hectic full-time job and/or family. But no matter how busy your lifestyle is, there are still plenty of simple and easy ways to help others who are less...

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