Always Thankful

You know 2019 is starting to gallop off into the sunset when stores are brimming with holiday specials.  Hallmarks goes into overdrive with their sweet, syrupy marathon Holiday movies (and there’s NOTHING wrong with that) – and folks are turning their thoughts to turkey...

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Wonder Women Sixty

Working Out With God

All of us want to stay healthy – and if you’re like most of us, you probably want to drop a few pounds.  But we all know that just “wanting” to stay healthy isn’t going to happen by itself – we have to take action to make it happen. Many folks, especially when the new...

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Life Is A Limited Time Offer

Life is God’s special deal for each and every one of us. But like all sales and specials, it’s a limited time offer that will someday come to an end. Like most “specials,” we don’t always know how long this terrific offer is going to last.  That’s why it’s especially...

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Morning Has Broken, A New Day Has Dawned

Cat Stevens couldn’t have sung it any better in 1971 than when he released Morning Has Broken.  What a beautiful song – a tribute to God and one of his many gifts to us – nature. If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll know Cat is singing praise for a new morning, a new day. ...

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