Daily Thankfulness

In 1990 M.C. Hammer released his biggest hit song:  Pray.  This song was fantastic in so many ways.  It’s motivational, energetic and still relevant, especially in the world we live in today.  If you don’t know the song or haven’t heard it in a while, re-visit it on YouTube. ...

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GOALS:  Rather than make a list of New Year’s resolutions, make a list of goals for the New Year.  Studies have shown that folks who write down their goals (rather than keeping them in their head) have a higher success rate of achieving them. We’ve gotten through 2020...

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Hark the Herald, Angels are Singing

There is no doubt – 2020 is one of the most challenging years of our lives.  Our world is constantly in transition – but this year, our ever-changing world is changing faster than ever! For most of us, these holidays have been quite different.  People aren’t able to interact...

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Count Your Blessings One by One

A relative of mine who is going through very hard times reminded me of the song we all sang together in Sunday school when we were kids:  Count Your Blessings.  She leans on this song to help her get through tough times and to bring calmness and peace into her life. If...

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What’s In Your Toolbox?

Sometimes we all feel like life is dragging us down.   These days we can feel “off kilter” for so many reasons.  Health, finances, unemployment, loneliness, etc. etc.  For many, it can be a challenging and worrying time, particularly this year. But when you’re feeling...

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We Got The Memo

Like many folks out there, I spend quite of bit of time thinking and analyzing the world around us. Throughout our lives we can expect to have good times and bad times.  We can expect ups and downs – Sinatra said it best in his song:  “That’s Life.”  The lyrics ring true,...

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