Blessings From God: An Open Letter

For me, turning 60 was a true milestone.  I couldn’t help but sit back and reflect on all that I accomplished in my lifetime.  There were plenty of good times, plenty of bad times, and some really hard times – but as Sinatra would say:  That’s Life. I don’t care if other...

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On the Beach with God

Sometimes “life” just seems to stall – we lose sight of our goals and objectives, we lose our motivation.    Loneliness, job loss, illness, family loss or other serious tragedies can take a toll on our emotional well-being.  Frankly, sometimes, for no reason at all, we...

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Simply Thankful

Feb. 2019:  It’s getting near the end of February here in Northern Virginia.  We just got what was probably our last real blast of winter snow.  I trudge out in the 5 plus inches that is still falling — this time with a cup of coffee laced with a dash of Irish cream...

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Coffee With God

WINTER 2019:  At 5:30 this morning the temperature outside was 23 degrees and the winds were lightly blowing. The stars and planets shown as bright as ever through the heavy cloak of morning darkness.  The white solar lights above the distressed green metal bench in my...

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