Life: A Balancing Act

No matter if you’re retired, semi-retired or still working (possibly more than one job), in today’s busy world, life can be downright hectic.

Balancing day-to-day activities can be hard enough, but added sickness, financial constraints, long work hours, and a myriad of other situations can make us feel, at times, overwhelmed. Even if things are going pretty smooth, most of us wish we simply had “more time” to take life a little slower.

It is possible to balance your life – but it doesn’t come easy. It takes your own personal stamina and a planned strategy to stay in control, and to keep your life more in check. Take some quiet time to reflect on your daily life. Everything you do seems “important,” but in reality, some things can be scaled back or eliminated to help you stay focused so you can truly enjoy life.

Get your priorities in good order. Dial back some of your activities or events that might be pushing you over your physical and/or mental limit. Accept the fact that you are only “one” person and cannot do everything. Sometimes you just have to say “no” to save your own sanity and that’s OK!

Sure you’d love to attend events A, B, C & D – but attending all 4 would leave you zero time for yourself. You’re already feeling worn out and mentally stressed. Forego one (or even two) of them and give yourself that needed break. After all, you’re not going to enjoy ANY of them if you’re so tired you can’t think straight. Making time for oneself is crucial.

Downtime helps you cope with life’s problems and daily tasks that can seem incredibly monotonous or even impossible. A well-balanced life increases your productivity.

And God is here to help you keep your life in check. When things go out of control – when you’re so busy you think you’re going to explode, don’t forget that He can help you through the most challenging times.

He can give you guidance when life seems to be simply “too much to handle.” His presence can add a sense of “calm” in the midst of “chaos.” Faith is a key element in helping you maintain a balanced life.

Even when you feel you’ve got a pretty good grip on juggling your life-style, staying connected with God through daily prayers of thankfulness is a great way to start your day and end your evening.

No doubt about it – life IS a balancing act. Make sure you take some time to stop and smell those roses! And make that conscious effort to get control and keep your life balanced – with God’s help, you can do it!

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