Savor the Flavors of Fall

Summer’s gone – kaput – finished – done! But that’s OK. Whether you’re still working or retired, this is the perfect time to savor the tastes and flavors of fall. Time to “mix it up” — bring in a burst of fresh fall air, festive foods and colorful fall decor. It’s...

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Cool Drinks to Beat the Heat!

The summer heat is still here – and for many of us, it’s downright brutal, hitting temps of almost 100 degrees. But Wonder Women Sixty created some specialty drinks that are guaranteed to keep you cool and can be made WITH or WITHOUT alcohol! For the NON-alcoholic version,...

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Cool Coleus (pronounced: coal-eez)

I love versatile, easy care coleus. They are available in spring and all through fall in most places. While some coleus will give you just a little bit of flowering, they are generally more of a showy, leafy plant. In warmer climates they can last all year, but in colder...

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A Cool Jolt: Coffee Ice Cream

As the saying goes, “you scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream” especially in the hot summer months. Ice cream is a refreshing treat for all ages, and stores are touting every kind of ice-cream imaginable. Coffee Lovers Rejoice: This year I’ve seen more coffee...

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Tips for Repelling Mosquitoes Naturally

The cicadas are coming! It’s in all the newspapers and on the local news. Sure, they are pretty ugly – yes, they can make some loud noises and hangout in your trees and yard — but they don’t sting or bite. My gripe isn’t with the cicadas, it’s with those pesky mosquitoes. There’s...

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