A Cornucopia of Blessings

The trees are shedding their colorful fall foliage, leaving branches looking cold and barren. It’s a sure sign that Thanksgiving is here and fall will soon be making a humble exit. But if you take a good hard look at those empty trees on a bright sunny day, you’ll see the bluest of blue skies laying down a beautiful backdrop, showcasing the warmth and beauty of nature, even as the chilly winter approaches.

Thanksgiving for most folks, kicks off the holiday season – but more importantly, thanksgiving should be a time to celebrate – celebrate our blessings: past, present and future. And in this fast-paced ever changing world, it’s also a good time to take some special time to quietly sit back and reflect.

It’s easier than ever to lose sight of what’s really important. The TV, our phones and computers all have advertisers competing for our business, applying monetary pressure – they “all” have the best sales – they “all” want our money. If they have it “their” way, you’ll jump up after your turkey dinner (maybe even foregoing the pumpkin pie and quality time with family and friends), and run out the door (or to your computer) to make a mad dash for some super deals.

While there’s nothing wrong with getting good deals and great savings, especially in this economy, don’t let it take away from what’s truly important. Whether you spend the holidays alone or with family or friends, make sure your first priority is to be thankful. Take some quiet time to think about this past year – what was bad – what was good – what can you and should you change going forward?

During the Thanksgiving season, my thoughts are filled with vintage images of cornucopias – those horned-shaped vessels stuffed with a bounty of fall vegetables and fall flowers. This year, envision a cornucopia filled with God’s blessings: friends and family – that roof over your head, that food on your table — your warm cozy bed — special memories you shared with loved ones, the list is endless.

It may even sound silly to think of a good book or a cup of coffee as a blessing. But remember, there are many folks out there struggling to survive each day – they can’t even afford a cup of coffee or the price of a book. The fact that you woke up today – well, there’s another blessing that not every one will have. Every day is a gift from God – give thanks.

Thanksgiving is truly a time for each and every one of us to be at peace with ourselves and be both reflective and thankful. Thanksgiving is a celebration of all of our blessings – far too many to count.


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