God’s Gateway

It’s simple – really. What we do in real-time life affects our future in countless ways. Even the simplest decisions can change an outcome for better or for worse.

For example: You’re going to take a long walk and debate if you should leave your cell phone at home. You decide to take it. During your walk, someone calls with an unexpected job opportunity, but you must decide NOW. You take the job. The job stinks — you quit. Had you not taken your cell phone on that walk, you would have missed the call and the job would have (thankfully) gone to someone else.

And that’s what life is about. Endless decisions for each and every one of us. How do we live our life? Do we help others when we can? Are we compassionate when it comes to not only friends and family when hard times hit – but to others, even those we don’t know? Do we try to be the best we can be every day? Or do we just cruise along blindly, hoping for the best?

God has not meant for us to just “sail through life.” Each of us has a purpose, a destiny to be fulfilled. It’s more than just obeying the 10 Commandments – it’s about putting our faith and beliefs out there 24/7. It’s about seeking daily forgiveness and being thankful for our blessings of the past, present and future.

Each day of your life takes you further along the path to God’s Gateway – a gateway to everlasting life.

The question is: Do you keep walking along the trail getting closer to God’s glorious Gateway OR are you just “stalled” on the trail – not moving forward?

It’s not that hard to stay on the path leading to God’s Gateway, but it does take a conscious effort. It isn’t always easy being the “best that you can be.” It isn’t always easy to be kind and compassionate especially if things aren’t going your way. It isn’t easy when life becomes so tough that you just want to give up. That’s when you apply the breaks – and instead of “throwing in the towel,” you give your burdens and challenges to God.

You don’t have to be perfect – everyone has their flaws, but how you live your life and treat others is what really matters. Whether you are going through good times or rough times, stay focused. Be as productive as you can be. Above all, be thankful.

Today you might just have the opportunity to help someone less fortunate – even if it’s just lending a comforting “ear.” Today you might have a solution to a troubling problem. Today you may just be able to enjoy a beautiful spring day, reveling in nature at it’s best. Today IS today – a day like no other.

Today with God’s help, you’ll continue on your journey. One day you’ll arrive. You’ll finally be at God’s Gateway and He will open it and let you in.

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