Easy, Comfy Bedroom Style

Your bedroom is the last place you see before you fall asleep and the first place you see when you wake up to a brand new day. That makes your bedroom extra special.

You don’t have to break the bank to make your bedroom comfy and cozy. You spend approximately one-third of your life in your bedroom sleeping. What better way to start your day off right then by waking up feeling refreshed and surrounded by things that will put a smile on your face?


STUDY:  Take a good look around. What do you like the best about it? What do you dislike about it? What simple changes can you make that can give your room a refreshing upgrade on a budget?

Make a list – make a plan. Start shopping sales — both online and in stores. Try flea markets, thrift stores – practical places to save money and update your room. Also when it comes to refreshing any room, places like Home Goods and TJ Maxx have so much to offer the budget-minded consumer.

INVEST IN GOOD PILLOWS: Good pillows don’t cost that much – but they can “cost” you a good night’s sleep. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your pillows then you’re probably overdue. You may not even realize that your lousy pillow is not allowing you to get a good night’s sleep!

QUALITY SHEETS AND BEDDING:  If your sheets are flimsy and scratchy they may also be preventing you from a good night’s sleep. If your home is a bit chilly or drafty in colder months, consider buying flannel sheets for those seasons. Give thought to buying sheets in your favorite colors. Consider patterns: some can be calming and others can be festive and fun. Same with your comforter or bedspread. IMPORTANT: If you have a deep mattress, always be sure to check the fitted sheet depth dimensions before buying, not all of them will fit deep mattresses.

DISPLAY PHOTOS of friends, loved ones or special times that make you happy. Put them on a nightstand or dresser where you see them before you fall asleep and let them greet you when you wake up.

HANG FAVORITE PICTURES OR PAINTINGS in your bedroom to admire before you shove off to la-la land.

MATTRESS:  No matter your age – young, old or in between: If your mattress needs replacing, consider a mattress with a platform that can adjust and raises your upper body. Adjustable beds/mattresses are great for reading in bed, watching TV in bed and can help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux. I blew off an adjustable bed for years, so did my friends. Now we all have one and we’ll never go back to a regular flat mattress/bed.

CURTAINS can really give your room a warm feeling, as well as keeping out the light and cold air (think insulated panels). Go with curtains with grommets (large round holes in the top of the panel) – the grommets allow you to easily pull them open and shut, no cords to tangle or mess with – super easy.

SWITCH PLATES: Sounds silly, but it’s not. Most homes have switch plates in plain view. Many folks just keep the same old plain metal switch plates on their walls. Look online or go to hardware stores, or even some gift shops, for colorful and unique switch plates. Some may be made out of marble or stone. Others come in bold colors or patterns, some with illustrated designs such as birds, palm trees, sea shells, boats, seascapes, etc.

IN OTHER WORDS: Changing even a few little things or silly simple things (like switch plates) when added all together, help provide a new, fresh look!

COLORS: Think about it — is it time to change the colors to give your bedroom a new look and feel?

PAINT: Painting a room is one of the least expensive things you can do to give it a super fresh new look on a budget. Light pastel or neutral colors are soothing. Adding just a few new items such as bedding, curtains, throw rug etc., in bolder colors can give the room an instant “pop” (without being overpowering).

REMEMBER: There are always sales and bargains to be had. Watch for sales and clearances to spruce up your bedroom on a budget and make it your happy, comfy place – feather your nest!

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