Who To Believe by Edwin Hill

This thriller gets right to the point – Laurel Thibodeau is found dead, asphyxiated – murdered in her own home. Her body was discovered by her husband, Simon, when he returned home from a catering event.

Who To Believe is a suspenseful and unusual thriller about a small coastal town rattled by this heinous murder and the aftermath. The main focus is on a small group of friends and their therapist, Dr. Farley Drake.

Edwin Hill cleverly gives us a narrative by the therapist himself, who knows everyone’s fears and secrets (or so he believes). It won’t take you long to realize that this doctor is harboring secrets – and Mr. Hill teases us that “they might be dark.” The book then continues with more narratives and perspectives from each member of the group of friends and how they view Laurel’s murder.

That’s when you discover that everyone (and I do mean “everyone”) in this tight-knit group is harboring secrets. Some secrets are darker than others – some may give you a reason to pause.

Max Barbosa, the chief of police, is looking for a motive. Laurel had a huge life insurance policy and her husband is the beneficiary. He’s on the top of the suspect list. When word gets out about the insurance policy, Simon is shunned by his former friends and customers, forcing him to close their bistro and catering service.

As the focus comes back to the group of friends, there are so many affairs that surface from the past and linger in the present, that you’ll need a flow chart just to keep up!

Georgia is the local Unitarian church minister, Richie is soon to be her ex-husband. Chloe is their teenage daughter. They’ve been invited to their friend Alice’s big birthday party along with Max and Dr. Drake. Damien is Alice’s husband. He’s a documentary film producer, who seems to have some theories as to who killed Laurel, and he’s convinced it wasn’t Simon. He’s getting close to the truth and the killer knows it.

But as the party continues, secrets leak out — jealousy festers. Those secrets and affairs add hairline cracks to a smooth small town facade. But like a piece of fine china with hairline cracks, eventually the porcelain crumbles.

Who’s cheating on who? Who’s staying? Who’s leaving? Who’s else will wind up dead? Edwin Hill gives us a twisty plot that’s sure to take your breath away….multiple times! There’s a deviously quiet killer on the prowl – but Who To Believe isn’t going to let you see him (or “her”?) coming!

Check out this new release by Edwin Hill and Kensington Publishing. If you’re a fan of a well-done, psychological thriller, you’ll want to be sure to grab a copy of Who To Believe today!

A copy of this book and photo cover were provided by Kensington Publishing.

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