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Even if you have no children, this is one of the BEST times of the year to cash in on money-saving deals for yourself!

Over the years I couldn’t help but notice all the “back to school sales and bargains” that sellers claim students and college-bound teenagers need; but many of these are items that adults need too!  Don’t ignore the flyers and online specials because you don’t think they apply to you. 

Take an inventory of what you need (or need to replace) in your home or office, then check out the “back to school” sale campaigns to scoop them up at deal breaking prices.  Here’s a list of some of the most heavily promoted sale items to get you started:

  • Sheets, towels, blankets, laundry baskets and other bed and bath essentials.
  • Coffeemakers, microwaves and other small appliances.
  • Bins, storage boxes and other organizers touted as essential for dorm rooms, can help you organize closets and laundry room.
  • Convenience foods, cereals and snacks are advertised for college-bound teens, but some of these you probably keep on hand in your own pantry.
  • Foldaway chairs, tables and carefree furniture targeted for dorms, may come in handy when entertaining extra guests (think holidays) or for the guest room.  Some of the furniture can even be used outdoors (think picnics and bar-b-ques).
  • Casual clothing is not just a must for back to schoolers.  I’m hitting my big box retailers for deals on comfy loungewear and casual active wear. And it’s NOT too early to start holiday shopping!
  • Arts and crafters can find deals at big box retailers, Staples and Office Depot for low prices on glues, coloring pens, construction paper, Washi tape, etc.
  • Need a new laptop or iPad? Tech gear is in high demand and lower on price for back-to-schoolers.
  • Masks are going on sale for those going back to school or college – but wait – maybe you need to stock up on these for yourself!

COVID TIP:  It’s important that you and your family keep washing your hands.  Remember to repeatedly change the hand towels.  Germs missed while hand washing can wind up on the hand towels, so it’s important to keep replacing them.  Even if you live alone, after you’ve been out running errands and come back and wash your hands, replace the hand towel with a fresh one.

So go ahead, peruse your local retail stores or shop online to refresh your office space (no matter where your office is), refresh areas in your own home or replace worn out items.  Get organized, replace and refresh — and do it all on back-to-school prices.




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