Month: November 2021


It wasn’t easy. I made my list, I checked it twice – these Holiday mysteries were both naughty and nice! These are my 15 personal favorites to keep you entertained not only through the holidays, but also through those long winter nights (list recapped at bottom of this...

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PPF Blessings

It was a chilly morning – a mere 28 degrees, as I sat outside on my favorite garden bench with a steaming cup of coffee. I was surrounded by the incredible red, orange and yellow fall foliage that was so intense that the colors bounced like laser beams off the bright...

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Get creative with personal gift boxes and baskets and do some “out of the box” thinking. Here’s some ideas to spark your creativity: – SPECIALTY STOCKING FOR GOURMETS AND SNACKERS: Scour the grocery store aisles for unique gourmet treats and spices. You have to...

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One of my favorite things about the holidays is the “leftovers.” Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, there’s usually enough leftovers to give me several easy meals. Turn leftovers into something different using the E-Z ideas below. These are basic ideas/recipes...

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Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

If you want to get a jump on your holiday gift giving or just need a gift for a birthday or other occasion, consider giving a book. There are books out there for almost every topic – gardening, bird watching, cooking, DIY projects, antiques, etc. – not to mention those...

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