Month: August 2023

Life: A Balancing Act

No matter if you’re retired, semi-retired or still working (possibly more than one job), in today’s busy world, life can be downright hectic. Balancing day-to-day activities can be hard enough, but added sickness, financial constraints, long work hours, and a myriad of...

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This Is How We End Things by R.J. Jacobs

The first word that comes to mind when I think about This Is How We End Things, the latest thriller by R.J. Jacobs, is: Deception. Other “D” words quickly follow: devious, dishonest, deceit, daunting, death. For those who love a tightly woven psychological mystery/thriller,...

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How The Murder Crumbles by Debra Sennefelder

After a bitter lost promotion, Mallory Monroe ditches her Manhattan power job and moves to the cozy town of Wingate, Connecticut. A new career can be sweet, and hers might be the sweetest! This new kid on the block is the proud owner of The Cookie Shop. How The Murder...

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Death of Jezebel by Christianna Brand

Armchair detectives who love those “impossible crime” mysteries or enjoy taking a step back into the 1940’s, will relish the British Library Crime Classic, Death of Jezebel by Christianna Brand. The book opens with the suicide of a young soldier named Johnny Wise. It’s...

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Murder At The Pumpkin Pageant by Darci Hannah

TV networks and retail stores may have been touting Christmas in July, but here at Wonder Women Sixty, it’s Halloween in August! Murder At The Pumpkin Pageant is the newest entry (#4) in Darci Hannah’s Beacon Bakeshop Mysteries. And like her other books in this series,...

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