How The Murder Crumbles by Debra Sennefelder

After a bitter lost promotion, Mallory Monroe ditches her Manhattan power job and moves to the cozy town of Wingate, Connecticut. A new career can be sweet, and hers might be the sweetest! This new kid on the block is the proud owner of The Cookie Shop.

How The Murder Crumbles is the first in a brand new Cookie Shop Mystery series from Debra Sennefelder – and it’s deliciously delightful! Cozy fans will be pining for cookies and coffee as they devour this small-town tale of Mallory getting caught up in the murder of a “not too nice” (actually downright awful) local woman.

Seems like our victim was hated by just about everyone in town. She had a way of hurting people and was never held accountable – until now.

But for Mallory there’s a serious problem: Only Mallory was seen having a recent argument with the victim over a stolen cookie recipe. It’s not enough that there’s animosity between employees in the kitchen – or the fact that she caught the love of her life two-timing with another women – but now local detective “hottie” is looking at her as a potential suspect!

Nothing like a good murder to bring more customers to your shop! Unfortunately, they’re not shopping for cookies, they’re shopping for gossip! As cookie sales begin to crumble, Mallory’s gotta get to work – not in the kitchen, but by poking around town trying to uncover the real killer.

When traces of blackmail start to surface, Mallory realizes there are plenty of motives to go with plenty of suspects! With her childhood BFF, Kip Winslow, and her cat, Agatha, by her side, plus a slew of entertaining and amusing characters, How The Murder Crumbles is the perfect read on a lazy day.

And the moral of the story: It’s one thing to be “disliked,” another thing to be “despised,” and another thing to be “downright dead” as in murdered. In How The Murder Crumbles, the old saying “what goes around, comes around” was never more appropriate.

I’m looking forward the 2nd installment of this solid entry into the cozy mystery field. “Cozies” are just that: To be enjoyed while idly lounging in your favorite outdoor chair with a cool drink in hand or while snuggled in bed on a dreary or chilly day. Cozies can take you on excursions to quaint and sometimes eclectic towns with formats to guarantee a good solid read with no excessive graphic violence or horror that will keep you awake all night (with the lights on). But the best part of a cozy: The fulfilling and happy ending!

Cozy mysteries are one of life’s simple pleasures and How The Murder Crumbles fits the bill to a tee!

A copy of this book and cover photo were provided by Crooked Lane Books.

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