Month: February 2020

Quiet Strength, a Memoir by Tony Dungy

I didn’t become a football fan until I was in my 40’s.  I’m sure the fact that I was dating a dashingly handsome, fanatical football fan at the time, probably had a lot to do with it!  Suddenly I found myself enthralled with the game.  We both had our favorite teams,...

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Death by Tiara by Laura Levine

Whenever I’m in the mood for some madcap humor with a solid dash of murder, I always turn to funny lady, Laura Levine and her Jaine Austen Mystery series. Digging deep into my private vault, I found her Death by Tiara.  Even though the book came out in 2015, it’s still...

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Cuddly Cozies for Valentine’s Day!

New January & February 2020 releases from Lyrical Press, the digital-first imprint from Kensington Publishing! SILENCED IN SEQUINS by Debra Sennefelder  –   A Resale Boutique Mystery #2 Former Manhattan fashion buyer Kelly Quinn is turning her grandmother’s...

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Need help getting going in the morning? Worried about work, bills, health or other of life’s many challenges? Then begin each day with an “Attitude of Gratitude.” When you start each day with a positive “Attitude of Gratitude,” you’re acknowledging the blessings of your...

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Hard Rockin’ & Metal Oldies

While the music of the 60’s and 70’s had us feeling mellow and groovy and giving peace a chance, there were some groups during these decades that started infusing heavy rock into their music, making way for the hard hitting 80’s. The first song that comes to mind is the...

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