An Attitude of Gratitude

Need help getting going in the morning? Worried about work, bills, health or other of life’s many challenges? Then begin each day with an “Attitude of Gratitude.”

When you start each day with a positive “Attitude of Gratitude,” you’re acknowledging the blessings of your past and blessings still to come. There are so many subtle blessings in our lives that we tend to forget about. While I may have a mountain of bills that sometimes seems higher than Mt. Everest, I can still afford to buy that gourmet cup of coffee in the morning…this is what I call a quiet, delicious blessing. I know there are people out there that simply can’t afford a specialty coffee – they have to worry about putting food on their table to feed their family.

Yesterday, here in the DC metro area, the crazy drivers were truly running amuck. I saw 4 people blatantly blow red lights at busy intersections – 2 of them came within inches of broadsiding me! It shook me to the core and made me pull off the road. I squeezed my hand over the cross dangling from my rear-view mirror and said a special “thank you”.  I wondered if the other drivers even realized how fortunate they were to not get wiped out by the aggressive speed freaks running those other traffic lights.

Instances like these are so common place that we tend to forget that they are truly blessings. Small blessings can actually be “big” blessings in disguise. Someone could have been seriously injured or killed had the Big Guy upstairs not intervened.

Maybe you’ve come down with a horrible cold or flu and asked yourself “why me?” But on the flip side, you’ll recover – so many good people have debilitating illnesses that they will never be able to overcome. While it really sucks being sick, you are blessed to be able to “bounce back.”

My posts focus on life’s blessings because so many of them are overlooked and underappreciated, yet they fill our world each and every day. It’s so very important we take note of them, and be thankful.  Huge blessings are easy to see – that unexpected windfall that solved all your financial problems, the promotion you’ve worked so hard for to achieve, a new dream house, a miracle recovery from a life-threatening illness. These are HUGE — but it’s those SMALL blessings that often go unnoticed.

It’s easy to take control of each new day. As soon as your feet hit the floor, start your day with a genuine “Attitude of Gratitude” for all good things great and small. No matter what your beliefs or religion, the positive vibes of this simple phrase will help open your eyes throughout the day to so many things to be grateful for.

Make your lifestyle an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.

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