Life Is A Limited Time Offer

Life is God’s special deal for each and every one of us. But like all sales and specials, it’s a limited time offer that will someday come to an end.

Like most “specials,” we don’t always know how long this terrific offer is going to last.  That’s why it’s especially important that we begin our day with a prayer of thanks to Him for extending His limited time offer for yet another day.

His special offer to us is simple:  Live your life to the fullest.  Be kind, be compassionate and help others during their time of need.

You don’t have to be a marathon do-gooder.  No matter what your age, you can still be a good Boy Scout or Girl Scout and do a good deed!  Sometimes the simplest situations are an opportunity to lend a hand.

Do you wave to your neighbors?  Do you even know your neighbors?  A smile, a “good morning” to them or a simple wave goes a long way.  Do you see an elderly or handicapped neighbor struggling with their trash bin – or trying to get heavy groceries out their car?  Give them a hand.  It doesn’t take much time, effort or thought to give someone some help when they need it.

I remember an incident that happened to me in my twenties.  I had just gotten off a bus with a very heavy suitcase (before suitcases had wheels).  I struggled to get that suitcase down a long walkway into my apartment building.  When I hit the building door, a man was standing behind me and told me he was walking behind me the whole time watching me “struggle” to get my suitcase to the door!  Here was a guy in his 30’s perfectly capable of lifting that suitcase – I assume the thought never occurred to him to give me a little help.

On the flip side:  I recently saw a teenager go up to an elderly woman with a walker and he escorted her across the street.  It melted my heart. I talked to a clerk at Target who told me she gave away her new coat.  Her daughter asked her why — it was a brand new coat.  The clerk told her she already had another coat and that there was someone out there who really needed that coat more than she did.

Our mother used to say:  “What goes around comes around.”  She was right.  When you help others it will come back to you – it is God’s way.

Take advantage of God’s limited time offer by being the best that you can be every day.  Live each day with gusto, warmth and caring.  Live each day as if it’s your last, because one day His limited time offer will expire.  And that’s ok, because God will replace His limited time offer with a permanent reward that is beyond anything we can even conceive.

Let us count our blessings and be thankful for this day.

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