Month: October 2023

The White Priory Murders by Carter Dickson

It’s December, 1931. James Bennett has been invited to spend Christmas at the White Priory. James is anxious to accept. Who can say “no” when there’s a glamorous movie star, Marcia Tait, also attending? In addition to the hosts, other guests include Marcia’s producer,...

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On The Trail With God

Life can sometimes feel like we are on an endless trail – and in the scheme of things, well, we are. Every day we receive the gift of our journey with God. Every day we walk an invisible trail with Him by our side. Sometimes the trail is smooth and brightly lit, while...

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Open the Creaky Vault of Halloween Oldies

Every year I re-post this updated list of “classic-retro” blasts from the past that fit the spooky season like a glove. It’s the season to be screamin’: In 1956 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins popped out of his on-stage coffin to “put a spell on you” (and millions of others). He...

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Viviana Valentine Goes Up The River by Emily J. Edwards

Viviana Valentine Goes Up the River is the second in Emily J. Edwards Girl Friday Mystery series. And what a great series this is turning out to be! Turn back your clock and hit reset to November 1950. The 50’s were a decade of hardcore crime stories and mysteries overflowing...

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Stalking Around The Christmas Tree by Jacqueline Frost

I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but with all the new holiday mysteries coming out this year, I wanted to get the ball rolling! I’d be hard pressed to find a better book to kick off the holiday mystery season than Jacqueline Frost’s “over the top”...

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Halloween Cozies, Mysteries and Thrillers

Halloween – the time for mystery thrillers and cozy chillers!  The list below includes a lot of older mysteries, but fortunately, they are still available.  All are perfect reads for the Halloween season. MY FAVORITE HALLOWEEN PICK FOR 2024:  Darci Hannah’s Murder...

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