Month: November 2023

A Dark and Snowy Night

The cover of Sally Goldenbaum’s A Dark and Snowy Night made me smile. It’s filled with everything cozy – the warm glow of a fireplace, a curious looking cat perched on an overstuffed sofa, and outside, a soft blanket of snow is falling to the ground. It’s one of Ms. Goldenbaum’s...

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Full of Thanks

The holidays are here. And each holiday stands alone with it’s own importance and it’s own reason to celebrate. What better time to begin winding down 2023 then the month of November. November is quietly ushering out the old year and then December grabs it and kicks it...

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Death by Peppermint Cappuccino by Alex Erickson

Krissy Hancock and her friend, Rita, are busy decorating the room in the church that houses their writer’s group. Christmas is almost here and the small town of Pine Hills, Ohio is flush with plenty of holiday decorations and Christmas spirit. Krissy is the owner of the...

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Easy Recipes Using Holiday Leftovers

Got leftovers from Thanksgiving or Christmas? Turn them into something totally different using the easy ideas below. Free-style them your way – YOU DECIDE if you want to add more or less of each of the ingredients, depending on your personal taste. Convert some of the...

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This Is Christmas, Song By Song by Annie Zaleski

Now here’s a book sure to get you into the holiday spirit – and “fast!” For anyone who is a fan of music or a fan of Christmas, This Is Christmas Song By Song by Annie Zaleski gives you the interesting stories behind 100 of some of the most beloved holiday hits! The...

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Final Acts, Theatrical Mysteries edited by Martin Edwards

Anthologies such as Final Acts, Theatrical Mysteries is perfect for this time of year. Whether you’re busy getting ready for the holidays or looking forward to snuggling in a cozy chair with a good story, this book is sure to please. It’s also one of the many fine British...

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A Nutcracker Nightmare by Christina Romeril

By page two of this tasty holiday mystery, you’ll be running for chocolate! A Nutcracker Nightmare is the 2nd installment of Christina Romeril’s Killer Chocolate Mysteries, and like a good piece of quality chocolate, it’s truly worthy of the highest of praise! The quaint...

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Murder At Midnight by Katharine Schellman

The setting is Hertfordshire, 1816. A light dusting of snow is falling on the ground. Widowed socialite, Mrs. Grantham, is hosting her grand holiday ball. Friends near and far arrive, and it is, indeed, the most festive party. Among the guests are Lily Adler (also widowed),...

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