Final Acts, Theatrical Mysteries edited by Martin Edwards

Anthologies such as Final Acts, Theatrical Mysteries is perfect for this time of year. Whether you’re busy getting ready for the holidays or looking forward to snuggling in a cozy chair with a good story, this book is sure to please. It’s also one of the many fine British Library Crime Classics released by Crooked Lane Publishing.

While I truly love current mysteries and thrillers, I also find it interesting to take that step back in time when everything was quite different – when there were no forensics to help solve crimes, no hi-tech pathology labs, no computers and (hard to imagine) no cell phones!

Anthologies let you read shorter stories at your own pace. But more importantly, the stories in Final Acts, Theatrical Mysteries are all by different authors from decades long ago.

This book is a stellar example of authors, who at the time, were published in popular magazines and periodicals such as Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and The Strand. It’s also a great way to discover authors you’ve never read before.

Each tale includes a short bio of each author. The bios of these lost Golden Age writers are fascinating. Their stories are all focused on crime and mystery regarding the theater. Fourteen tales by writers such as: Dorothy L. Sayers, A.E.W. Mason, Christianna Brand, Ngaio Marsh and John Appleby.

In Marguerite Steen’s A View Of The Audience, the setting focuses on a rotting and abandoned theater in a derelict town – you can almost feel the dread and decay. The Wrong Makeup by Brandon Fleming opens immediately with a mysterious stage death – and you know it’s going to be on the macabre side.

Love those “locked room mysteries”? This book has two. Looking for an extra shiver on an already chilly night? The Blind Spot by Barry Perowne will graciously oblige.

There are tales of missing pearls and a murderer who strikes not once, but twice. You’ll find scoundrels and a man gone totally mad – and they are all here to entertain you on those cold winter nights. This book is a WIN WIN, letting you explore authors and their bygone eras. You may even find yourself searching for some of their long forgotten books or other tales.

Final Acts, Theatrical Mysteries is edited by Martin Edwards and published by Poisoned Pen Press/Sourcebooks – check it out – these Golden Age writers may just be your cup of tea!

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A copy of this book and cover photo were provided by: Poisoned Pen Publishing/Sourcebooks.

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