Full of Thanks

The holidays are here. And each holiday stands alone with it’s own importance and it’s own reason to celebrate. What better time to begin winding down 2023 then the month of November. November is quietly ushering out the old year and then December grabs it and kicks it to the curb.

Take a moment to think about the meaning of Thanksgiving, for Thanksgiving is many things: a time for gathering with friends and family, a time for reflection, a time for celebration, a time for being thankful. And no matter if you are spending it with others or staying home by yourself, there is always so much to be grateful for, even for those who may be going through rough times.

If you are gathering with folks to celebrate Thanksgiving, don’t forget to put some special “quality” time aside for yourself to reflect on all the blessings God has given you throughout the year. Let your heart be full – full of thanks.

Just for a moment, imagine you or your pet are sick – and there are no doctors or veterinarians. Imagine our country is being attacked and there are no armed forces to protect us. Imagine there are no family members or friends to talk to. Imagine you want to go home – but you don’t have one. You’re hungry – but there’s no money for food.

If you can really imagine these things, you will realize just how blessed you are and also how many people – many who you do not even know, can affect your life – and for the better. And that’s why everyone should take some personal time to ponder and:

Be thankful for caregivers, doctors, dentists, veterinarians who help us through all kinds of major, as well as minor, illnesses.

Be thankful for our military, for those brave men and women who serve our country without question, protecting us in the most challenging of times.

Be thankful for police, firefighters, emergency responders – all these unknown strangers could one day become our lifesavers.

Be thankful for that roof over your head and the food on your table – sadly, not everyone has a place to call home and many go hungry. If you’re reading this from your phone, tablet or computer, think about those who cannot afford any modern technology.

Be thankful for family members, friends and good neighbors. Even if some of them have moved or  live far away, never take them for granted for they have played (and will continue to play) an important part in our lives. Our pets are family members too. They stay by our side, asking little but giving a lot.

The list of gifts and blessings we each receive are, of course, as endless as time. But let yourself feel renewed and thankful every morning when you begin a new day. That new day is a gift from God – begin it with being FULL of THANKS.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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