Month: December 2023

2024: New Year, New Goals

2024 is beating down our doors! It’s pounding, and we’re about to let it in! This is the time of year when most folks look forward to the new year and wiping the slate clean from the year before – especially if the year before was rotten! A lot of folks are anxious to...

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Free-Style Easy Festive Platters

Whether you’re entertaining for just one or two close friends or a whole gaggle of folks (especially with New Year’s Eve just around the corner), free-style platters will save you a lot of time and hassle so you’ll actually have time to enjoy the party…and NO cooking...

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Vinyl Gym: Oldies For The New Year

Step into the Vinyl Gym, where we’ve giving our favorite oldies a workout! These flashy oldies stand the test of “time.” In fact, many of them involve “time” – and “time” is what everyone is talking about: midnight, when time ushers in 2024. Songs about time still remain...

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Christmas Blasts From The Past

There’s quite an array of popular Christmas songs from decades gone by. Some are beautiful, while others are festive and fun – others are downright silly! But that’s OK, it’s Christmas! In 1934 Bing Crosby made Please Come Home For Christmas a major hit. The song was...

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The Scent of Christmas

Christmas isn’t here yet, but as the old saying goes: “There’s a feeling in the air.” There’s a unique scent — you can smell it. It’s the time of year when folks are flitting about trying to find the perfect Christmas presents. Special food and gourmet treats are...

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Old-Time Christmas Hymns

Through the decades there have been so many wonderful Christmas songs – but none are closer to my heart than those old-time hymns I learned (and sang) as a child in Sunday school and in church. These are glorious songs – perfect for singing along while baking cookies,...

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Easy Free-Style Gourmet Lattes & Hot Chocolate

It’s easier than you think to make designer lattes and hot cocoas at home! You’re home anyway, so why go free-style and experiment with some “hot treats” to help you pillage your way through winter on frosty mornings or chilly nights! It’s also a great way to use candy...

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