Month: January 2024

On Time, by Morris Day with David Ritz

Morris Day, The Time frontman, talented singer, drummer, writer, funkmaster and so much more, brings us a first-hand look into his childhood association with Prince as they rode together throughout the decades. While obviously this book takes a heavy and in-depth look...

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The Busy Body by Kemper Donovan

Very few books hold me hostage. Kemper Donovan was my captor. His new release, The Busy Body, was his bait to nab me! I couldn’t put this book down! A successful free-lance ghostwriter tells her story from her perspective. In the past she’s written for actors, athletes,...

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God’s Winter White

No matter where you live, there’s going to be changes with each season. In some places they are hardly noticeable – other places, extreme. When God drops his bombshell of Winter White here in the Northeast, I can’t help but get excited! There’s something about a white...

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Death At A Scottish Wedding by Lucy Connelly

It’s October in Scotland – and it’s bitter cold in the 500-year-old church now converted into doctor Emilia McRoy’s medical practice and home. It’s only been a few months since Emilia moved from the United States to Scotland. Her family’s roots are here. She’s fallen...

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Deep Freeze by Michael C. Grumley

Imagine you’re on a bus in Minnesota. It’s bitter cold and snowy — and it’s the dead of night. Suddenly, the bus veers off the road and plunges into the freezing river! This is how the fast-paced thriller, Deep Freeze opens. And this is the situation Army veteran...

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