The Busy Body by Kemper Donovan

Very few books hold me hostage. Kemper Donovan was my captor. His new release, The Busy Body, was his bait to nab me! I couldn’t put this book down!

A successful free-lance ghostwriter tells her story from her perspective. In the past she’s written for actors, athletes, politicians and so many others. She makes “unlikable” people “likable.” In her own words, she shamelessly calls herself a professional bullshit artist. And her story, this story, is about her ghostwriting “opportunity of a life-time.”

The ghostwriter has landed a gig with Dorothy Gibson. Back in the 80’s Gibson moved to Washington, D.C. with her husband, Edward, a member of Congress. When he died during his second term, she continued his term in Congress.

Over the years she flourished in Washington, D.C., serving in the House, then onto the Senate – she was known for “getting the job done.” TV appearances and speaking gigs had her reeling in the big $$$. She became an elder Stateswoman, famously notorious, rich and powerful. She ran for President as an Independent.

Dorothy gave them a run for their money, but she lost. Now she’s stepped back, but still a high-profile, political force. She’s writing a memoir. You can guess who she’s requesting to be the ghostwriter!

The ghostwriter winds up staying at Dorothy’s stately home until the memoir is completed. There she gets to know Dorothy one-on-one, her son, her most trusted assistants, the security team, the staff and even some of her neighbors.

One of them commits suicide. But as Dorothy starts sniffing around, it takes on the shape of a blatant murder. Dorothy can’t help but feel somewhat responsible – this is someone she knew. She’s got to get to the bottom of it. It’s also a bonus that while our ghostwriter has always enjoyed her trade, she also has a love for mysteries. Count her “in.” Dorothy and our ghostwriter have become a quiet new “duo” of amateur sleuths!

The victim was a woman married to a successful inventor.  High society labeled them as a “power couple.” But as the saying goes, “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.” The victim and her husband had more than their share of secrets, especially when it came to money and affairs. But as the suspect list grows, things are getting complex – twisted – and tainted with the darkness of yet another murder.

I can’t say enough good things about this book. It’s an original idea. Deceitfulness is having a field day! The characters are carefully crafted – fleshed out to the fullest. The plot is sure to have readers go: “Huh? What? Wow!” Our narrator/ghostwriter weaves such a beautifully intricate mystery that this simply must be a new series – fingers crossed!

The Busy Body by Kemper Donovan was JUST released – grab yourself a copy today!

A copy of this book and cover photo were provided by Kensington Publishing.

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