On Time, by Morris Day with David Ritz

Morris Day, The Time frontman, talented singer, drummer, writer, funkmaster and so much more, brings us a first-hand look into his childhood association with Prince as they rode together throughout the decades.

While obviously this book takes a heavy and in-depth look at Morris Day and Prince, it goes far beyond that. It gives readers a hard-core look into their takeoff in the 70’s, then their explosion on the music scene in the 80’s. It showcases the influences and interactions from fellow musicians such as Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jellybean, Rick James, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Miles Davis and so many more, including the Rolling Stones (in the early years Prince actually was the opening act for the Stones – it didn’t go well!).

What makes this book even more engaging, is the way Morris tells his story. It’s written with Prince in his head, making it at times lighthearted, but also informative and always interesting. It explains how Morris Day and Prince grew up together as kids. It tells of their life-long journeys that they each endured – sometimes together, sometimes separate – but in the end, together forever.

And Day tells it like it is – or rather “was.” The Time’s “ups” were really “up,” but the “downs” were a hard pill to swallow. Still, through it all, Morris Day with the steadfast influence of Prince, always prevailed.

The book opens with Morris Day as a kid. Day lived down the street from Prince. He knew, even then, that Prince had his own flair – for music, clothing, accessories. Prince was a badass musician, looking to make waves – grab attention. He was a 15 year-old guitarist, Day was a drummer – both consumed with music. Day wanted “in” Prince’s band, Grand Central, a band that included Andre´ Cymone.

And Day did get himself “in” Grand Central. Eventually Prince leaves Grand Central to be on his own. But soon Day is re-united with Prince and becomes his videographer. Later Prince comes up with the band, The Time, featuring Day. During the 80’s they all reigned, but Prince ruled.

The book makes it clear: Prince being Prince, never strayed from who he was: A genius, workaholic, aloof, intense, attentive. He pushed everyone to the edge – then over it. Always cloaked in mystery, always had his own private agenda – that was Prince.

As the decades marched on, Morris Day would reconnect on and off with Prince. He was always drawn to the music, to Prince’s insights and ideas. New projects, new music. And that’s what makes this book really “shine.”

This book was written after Prince’s untimely death in 2016. Day knew that Prince “still” wanted to be heard. Even though they were not “blood” brothers, after reading his story, you will understand, in no uncertain terms, that Day and Prince were indeed, brothers until the very end.

Both fans of 70’s and 80’s music and fans of The Time and Prince, should not miss out on this book. On Time, A Princely Life in Funk, evokes all your emotions: sometimes putting a smile on your face, sometimes making you sad, other times amazed and enlightened – there are triumphs and debacles.

Morris Day keeps it real. Here’s your chance to take a private tour into the life and times of Prince and The Time. While written and released in 2019, On Time, a Princely Life in Funk by Morris Day with David Ritz is still available for purchase.

A copy of this book and the cover photo were provided by the publisher, Hachette Books.

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