A Socialite’s Guide To Death & Dating by S.K. Golden

Cozy mystery lovers looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day cozy mystery – look no further! The Socialite’s Guide to Death & Dating by S.K. Golden is perfection on so many levels.

While this is not a Valentine’s day theme (in fact, it starts off during the fall season), it’s heavy on an interesting and challenging romance, while at the same time hooking the reader with a tantalizing whodunit.

Set in New York in 1958, we find 21-year old Ev Murphy planning and hosting high profile events to some of the most elite (and famously rich) patrons of the Pinnacle Hotel. But Ev isn’t just an employee – she’s daddy’s little girl – and “daddy” is not just wealthy, but super wealthy (the Pinnacle Hotel being one of his many investments). Daddy’s on the road a lot – but Ev is up to the challenge of running the hotel. She works hard and is good at what she does.

Ev is also incredibly spoiled. She’s leading a very posh life. She gets driven around in a Rolls Royce. She’s got glamorous designer clothing. Her meals are all catered. She has folks at her beck and call 24/7. She’s also a young woman with “daddy issues!”

Mac Cooper is Ev’s personal assistant (emphasis on personal). Ev and Mac become an item. But here’s the thing: as snobby as Ev may be at times, she can also be incredibly caring and down to earth. She’s madly in love.

But when “daddy” arrives home at the end of the Pinnacle’s fundraiser for the Mayor, his life is turned completely upside down. First, he finds out that a wealthy guest has been found in the hotel’s parking garage with a needle stuck in his arm! Then there’s also a body discovered in the trunk of the victim’s car! AND: his daughter and her assistant, Mac, discovered the crime scene!

Poor daddy — things gets even worse. Ev tells him, in no uncertain terms, that she and Mac are a hot item. Daddy goes nuts! His daughter with a “commoner” – absolutely not! But Ev ignores him. There’s been a headline double murder at the Pinnacle and everyone at the hotel has their hands full. Police, reporters, photographers – all making each day at the Pinnacle even more challenging.

But despite the continuing crime scene ruckus, daddy hasn’t backed off with the issue at hand – Mac. Thunderous threats of disinheriting Ev, leaving her penniless on the street if she doesn’t dump Mac. Ev stands her ground – she’s calling daddy’s bluff. The heated argument reaches a boiling point when Mac steps in to defend Ev and things get even uglier. While daddy goes for the “over my dead body” theme, little does he know he’s soon going to wind up in the hospital after a savage attack – clinging to life!

When Mac is accused of being daddy’s attacker and a cold-blooded murderer, Ev puts on her designer sleuthing hat along with her sassiest attitude. She’s hell-bent on flushing out the real killer. She’s following leads that only a socialite could follow, giving reader’s a fresh and entertaining approach to crime-solving!

I found myself cheering for Mac and Ev’s romance to prevail and for a stubborn daddy to “back off”. I was captivated by the deep-rooted mystery featuring a relentless killer.

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to enjoy this perplexing mystery. The Socialite’s Guide To Death & Dating has got it all, and S.K. Golden wraps it up like the finest box of dark chocolate tied with a festive red ribbon!

This is the 2nd installment of The Pinnacle Hotel Mystery series – I’m 100% hooked!

A copy of this book and cover photo were provided by Crooked Lane Books.

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