Free-Style Some Oldies Songs of Love & Romance

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re celebrating with someone special or not celebrating at all, it can still be fun to take in some love happy and romantic songs from the past. Each decade brings a host of hits featuring “love.”

Mary Wells gave us My Guy. The Temptations gave us My Girl. Billy Joel bragged about his Uptown Girl. The Beatles declared: All We Need Is Love. Heart took their love Straight On. Elvin Bishop Fooled Around and Fell In Love.

So many love songs — something for everyone. Free-style your favorite listening devices with a variety of love songs from the past. For a workout or walk, fast-paced happy love songs like the O’Jays Love Train or Upside Down by the iconic Diana Ross will pick up your heart rate. And talk about a “love workout” – no one said it better than Olivia Newton-John with Physical. Working with weights: edgier, harder love songs like You Really Got Me by the Kinks or Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. Hardcore: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly (will make you sweat!).

Romantic evenings can be filled with beautiful sentimental songs like Love Me Tender by Elvis, or lost hit So Much In Love by the Tymes. Michael Jackson’s soft side shines: Got To Be There. Other artists and groups like The Carpenters, Tom Jones, Bread, Richard Marx, and Air Supply hit the Billboard Charts hard with a bevy of love songs.

The glorious 80’s gave us hit master Rick James who got love-funky and rocked us out with You and I, then pleaded: Give It To Me Baby. The Time had folks jacked up on the dance floor with their Jungle Love. And then there’s Prince:

Prince: No one like him – not before, not after. When it came to music he was a genius and a master of love songs. Soul, funk and pop — sweet and nasty – that was Prince. He proclaimed: I Would Die For U. He told every woman: U Got the Look. He was Delirious. He begged us: Take Me With U (and we did!). He told us love stories: the chick in the Little Red Corvette. He got down and dirty with Erotic City. And he always blew us a Kiss!

So take a stroll down Memory Lane with the Love Song Oldies list below. I hope they bring you some great memories. Load them into your favorite listening devices or check the out on YouTube:

Love Me Tender – Elvis ‘56

Heart and Soul – Cleftones ‘61

Do You Love Me – Contours ‘62 (charted again in ‘88)

So Much In Love – The Tymes ‘63

Baby, I Love You – The Ronettes ‘64 Andy Kim ‘69

You Really Got Me – The Kinks ‘64 Van Halen ‘78

My Guy – Mary Wells ‘64

My Girl – Temptations ‘65

It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones ‘65

All You Need Is Love – Beatles ‘67

Happy Together – Turtles ‘67

I Second That Emotion – The Miracles ‘67

Sunshine of Your Love – Cream ‘68

My Cherie Amour – Stevie Wonder ‘69

If… – Bread ‘71

Temptation Eyes – Grassroots ‘71

Sooner or Later – Grassroots ‘71

Let Your Love Go – Bread ‘71

She’s A Lady – Tom Jones ‘71

Treat Her Like A Lady – Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose ‘71

Love Train – O’Jays ‘73

One of a Kind (Love Affair) – The Spinners ‘73

Top of the World – The Carpenters ‘73

Love Me For A Reason – The Osmonds ‘74

Feelings – Morris Albert ‘75

Feel Like Making Love – Bad Company ‘75

It’s A Miracle – Barry Manilow ‘75

Love Is The Drug – Roxy Music ‘76

Fooled Around and Fell In Love – Elvin Bishop ‘76

Let Your Love Flow – Bellamy Brothers ‘76

Straight On – Heart – ‘78

You & I – Rick James ‘78

Upside Down – Diana Ross ‘80

Physical – Olivia Newton-John ‘81

Give It To Me Baby – Rick James ‘81

Make A Move On Me – Olivia Newton-John ‘82

Uptown Girl – Billy Joel ‘83

Jungle Love – The Time ‘85

Kiss – Prince ‘86

U Got The Look – Prince ‘87

Who’s That Girl – Madonna ‘87

Love Power – Dionne Warwick & Jeffrey Osborne’87

Endless Summer Nights – Richard Marx ‘88

And for those who want to stir up some romantic trouble, give folks:

Something to Talk About – Bonnie Raitt ‘91

Are you a fan of the music of the 80’s? A fan of Prince? A fan of Morris Day and the Time? If so, check out the book review for On Time, A Princely Life In Funk by Morris Day under this site’s “General Books” category. It’s Morris Day’s personal journey with Prince…a must-read for music lovers.

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