On The Trail With God

Life can sometimes feel like we are on an endless trail – and in the scheme of things, well, we are.

Every day we receive the gift of our journey with God. Every day we walk an invisible trail with Him by our side. Sometimes the trail is smooth and brightly lit, while other times, it can be dark and lonely. At the lowest point of our lives we are on that dark trail, but we are never, ever alone.

When we travel on the trail with God, we continue our journey with Him. There are times when we may be tempted to abandon Him and wander off His trail. And that’s when we need to remind ourselves that He will always stay on the trail guiding us into the light.

I know so many friends and families who seem to have insurmountable troubles, one right after the other. I also know they stand strong in their faith and their beliefs because they know, in the long run, God will see them through.

It’s not always easy, especially with things changing so rapidly, not just here in the United States, but all around the world. In spite of it all, we can make it a better place for those who need a helping hand or just a kind word.

When your heart is heavy with your own problems, doing something nice for someone else who is also going through some challenging times, will not only make them feel better, but you’ll feel better, too. A book on daily prayers, a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers (even from your own garden), a simple “thinking of you” or “get well card” – all may sound like old-fashion and outdated ideas, but frankly, kindnesses like these will never go out of style.

A dear friend of mine who is 91, has many health issues that are a constant battle. Sadly, she can’t get around like she used to. But when a friend or neighbor has bad things happen, she immediately asks herself: “what can I do or what do they need?” to help make their situation better. She’s always the first to give them a call and tell them she’s praying for them. She’s always the first to send out a card, flowers or something else to brighten their day.

Life can be rewarding and fulfilling – but it never came with a guarantee that it would always be an easy trail or an easy journey. As you stay on God’s trail, don’t forget about those who may have fallen by the wayside and need some help getting back up. Acts of kindness, large or small, will have a combined positive impact on the world around us and also bring you peace of mind.

Stay on His trail – continue the journey, keep the faith!

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