Month: June 2023

Death Knells and Wedding Bells by Eva Gates

Whether you’re a fan of Eva Gates or Vicki Delany, it just doesn’t matter since they are one in the same! As Eva or Vicki, cozy fans know she’s written countless cozy mysteries to keep us all entertained year after year, 24/7! Death Knells and Wedding Bells by Eva Gates...

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Deep Breathing With God

We’ve all heard the expression just relax, take a deep breath — or when things have you really rattled, someone is bound is tell you to take a moment and breathe. Life has a way of catching us all off guard. Sometimes with good things, sometimes with bad things...

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The Therapist by B.A. Paris

This sophisticated mystery-thriller was simply impossible to put down. I kept on reading it through breakfast, lunch and dinner and didn’t stop until I finished it – yes, it was just that good! Alice and Leo have moved in together to start a new chapter in both their...

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Murder In The Basement By Anthony Berkeley

Once again, Poisoned Pen Press and Martin Edwards bring us another stellar mystery from the British Library Crime Classics. Murder In The Basement is by Anthony Berkeley (1893-1971), a prominent figure in the history of British crime fiction. What I love about these stellar...

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Give Fudge A Chance by Nancy Coco

 PARKOUR:  The activity or sport of moving rapidly and negotiating obstacles by running, jumping and/or climbing.  Who doesn’t love a fair or carnival brimming with fun-filled rides, scrumptious food, smiling parents with kids in tow and plenty of festivities? Take a...

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