Give Fudge A Chance by Nancy Coco

 PARKOUR:  The activity or sport of moving rapidly and negotiating obstacles by running, jumping and/or climbing. 

Who doesn’t love a fair or carnival brimming with fun-filled rides, scrumptious food, smiling parents with kids in tow and plenty of festivities?

Take a break and let Nancy Coco sweep you away to the Mackinac County Fair for some cozy summer fun!

The McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop on Mackinac Island has been family owned for over a hundred years. Allie McMurphy is the current owner and operator. She’s also head fudge maker. Adding a fudge shop to the hotel, teaching fudge classes and handing out fudge samples has not only been extremely popular with the tourists and locals, but provides the hotel with some extra profit.

This year Allie is entering her favorite fudge recipe for the “best in show” contest at the county fair. Sounds like fun – and smells like publicity! But when the fun turns to drama and the publicity isn’t the good kind, things go from bad to worse.

Beating out another contestant was easy. The hard part was dealing with the aftermath when sore loser, Christine, goes on a rampage and accuses Allie of cheating. But that’s not the worst of it – Allie and her friend, Jenn, stumble across a dead body at the fair! It’s a homicide (isn’t it always?). This is one county fair no one will soon forget! Talk about a “fair fallout!”

Since Allie’s beau, Rex Manning, is the lead police officer on the island, she can’t help but be caught up in the murder. Jenn, Allie’s BFF, is married to Shane, a crime scene investigator – and the two of them waste no time putting their heads together to come up with some clues and theories of their own.

As the days pass by, Christine gets more vicious with smear attacks against Allie and her business. It’s becoming a problem Allie can’t easily ignore. And you know that saying: waiting for the other shoe to drop? In this case, it’s the other body that drops!

Two murders and not many clues or motives will give readers a run for their money as they try to dig up the real killer. Pet lovers will also enjoy the shenanigans of Allie’s pup, Mal, and calico cat, Mella, who have a way of sniffing out danger and murder.

Are you wondering why I included the definition of “Parkour”(a sport I had never heard of)? Read the cozy to find out how Parkour and murder tie together with an icy killer.

Nancy Coco’s Give Fudge A Chance is like taking a walk through a carnival fun house filled with mirrors and false exits. It’s a fun summer cozy treat — you can almost smell the funnel cakes!

A copy of this book and cover photo were provided by Kensington Publishing.

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