Month: July 2022

God’s Lantern

Before we had modern technology on ships and other sailing vessels, folks relied on lighthouses to guide them. Lighthouses are still known for their life-saving beacons of light, guiding sailors and their ships away from dangerous rocks, leading them to safer waters. It’s...

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A Poisonous Page by Kitt Crowe

The small tourist town of Confection, Oregon, isn’t as sweet as it’s name in this exceptional cozy mystery by Kitt Crowe. A Poisonous Page is a cozy lover’s dream – Kitt Crowe gives us one neat, tidy mystery wrapped to perfection and topped with a blood-red bow! Lexi...

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Vinyl Gym: Upbeat Bouncy Oldies

Step into the Vinyl Gym where the oldies from decades gone by get a work out! Summer is in full swing. It’s the perfect time to load up your favorite listening devices when enjoying outdoor picnics, bar-b-ques, patio parties or hitting the road. Past decades still hold...

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