God’s Lantern

Before we had modern technology on ships and other sailing vessels, folks relied on lighthouses to guide them. Lighthouses are still known for their life-saving beacons of light, guiding sailors and their ships away from dangerous rocks, leading them to safer waters.

It’s the same with God’s Lantern. God’s Lantern – an invisible life-saving ray of light guiding us to safety through the darkest of night and countless ordeals that can fall upon us at any time. We can see that things have, thankfully, gotten better in the last year, but we know things are still “off” for many folks.

While some seem to have bounced back, found new meaning in their lives – new jobs – new family – new friends – for others, the last few years have taken their toll. But whatever happens in our lives (both good and bad) we should always look for God’s Lantern – the Lantern that will guide us through life. It will shine brightly not only when we are down, but when things are up, because His Lantern never goes out.

It’s easy to forget that God is always by our side. It’s easy to forget that He always hears our prayers. It’s easy to forget that no matter what, He will always provide a glowing lantern to show us the way.

Whether we want to admit it or not, at some point we all come to life’s crossroads. Choosing the “right road” can bring us safety and stability – choosing the wrong road can lead to a dangerous or devastating outcome. In everyone’s life there will be times of darkness and that’s when we’re most likely to come to those crucial crossroads.

When that happens, just remember to follow God’s Lantern. The old saying: it’s always darkest before dawn is still relevant today. But in that darkness of fear and despair, follow His Lantern into the light. Let Him hear your burdens, your worries, your concerns and ask for His help.

Whether your life is going stronger than ever or you’re stumbling on hard times, let Him guide you so that you can make the right decisions. Be thankful for each and every day no matter what the circumstances are. It’s ok to tell Him: I’m sacred, I’m worried, but I am thankful.

Stay strong in faith as you go through life. Let His Lantern lead you out of the darkness and into the light.

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