Booze & Vinyl 2 – Andre Darlington & Tenaya Darlington

For classic rockers and music lovers this supreme coffee table book is a MUST! The First Edition of Booze & Vinyl was so stellar and well-received, we now have Booze & Vinyl 2 – and it’s another winner!

This book will have you kicking back and reading up on some of the greatest albums of ALL-TIME. Afterwards, you’ll be whipping out the vinyl (or other listening devices) to re-appreciate these original (sometimes forgotten) classics. Then enjoy these albums in your own solitary confinement or with a group of music-lovin’ friends (to get the party started).

With it’s gold embossed cover, the book measures only 8 1/2” x 8” – the perfect size to keep displayed on your coffee table or side table. It’s hard to resist picking it up and flipping through the pages. Sporting over 190 pages of info on 70 classic albums, it has some of the most chic and retro photography I’ve ever seen. The photos are stunning and reflective – the commentary on each album is “spot on.”

Each album features the authors’ brief liner notes/history. Then Andre and Tenaya take your listening to the next level – pairing each precious record with a pair of perfect cocktails to enhance your listening experience. The recipes selected are both vintage and classic and had me yearning for those days when the feel of vinyl gave me the ultimate music rush.

This books covers a wide range of albums from the 50’s through the 2000’s. It’s a bonanza of wealth and info – hip history, nostalgic wanderings, groovy facts and psychedelic trips!

Some of the albums reviewed along with cocktail recommendations and recipes: Aerosmith/Toys In The Attic (‘75), Dr. Dre/The Chronic (‘92), Howlin’ Wolf/Moanin’ In The Moonlight (‘59), Janis Joplin/Pearl (‘71), Jay-Z/The Blueprint (2001), Roxy Music/Avalon (‘82), Sly and the Family Stone/Stand! (69), B.I.G./Ready To Die (‘94), Dick Dale & His Del-Tones/Surfers’ Choice (‘62) and so many more. You may even discover a few albums that got right past you (I know I did).

Like the first Booze & Vinyl, this stellar book had me breaking out the all kinds of records – LPs from decades past, plus 45’s to refill my jukeboxes. It’s a swell trip down Memory Lane with tidbits and insight into classic tracks.

But you don’t have to have a cocktail to enjoy this book! A root-beer float or Coke in a bottle will also do just fine! Stressful day at work? Take a load off your feet and get mellow with Van Morrison’s Moondance. Feel like bouncing around with a breakthrough Teen Pop Princess – oops! Britney did it again! Feel like some rough rock/metal? Metallica’s Metallica album got you covered and paired with two hard-core cocktails: Blackened Manhattan and Nothing Else Matters.

True music lovers will revel in this superb coffee table musical trip complete with cocktail recipes and entertaining tips (for those who want to party). It also makes a GREAT birthday or Christmas present – order one for yourself and one as a gift (beat that Christmas/supply chain shortage rush).

Hats off to Andre Darlington & Tenaya Darlington and Running Bear Press for this exquisite and classy Booze & Vinyl 2! I can only imagine the fun they had researching and listening to some of the best albums EVER while testing out all these cocktails – and if there’s a Volume 3, I’ll hope they’ll invite me to help them out!

Photography by Jason Varney /  A copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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