Month: December 2020

E-Z Gourmet Hot Cocoa & Lattes

It’s easier than you think to make designer lattes and hot cocoas at home!  You’re home anyway, so why not experiment with some “hot treats” to help you pillage your way through winter on frosty mornings or chilly nights! You may even have leftover candy from the holidays. ...

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Black-eyed Peas For Good Health & Good Luck!

There’s an old tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck in the New Year….and most of us could sure use it!  I’m not superstitious, but then again, why take chances?  So I’m sharing my two favorite black-eyed pea recipes below that are good all...

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A Christmas Carol Murder by Heather Redmond

Don’t miss this one!  The only reason this didn’t make my TOP 10 favorite holiday mysteries is because I read this book AFTER I published my TOP 10 list (see the book/mystery category for the full list).  This one has now been added – so yes, now it’s my TOP 11 favorite...

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The Mystery of Hilliard’s Castle by Kathy Lynn Emerson

You may know Kathy Lynn Emerson as Kaitlyn Dunnett — top notch author of cozy mysteries.  And if you’ve read any of her simply stellar cozies, you know this woman really knows how to write – she gets into the heart and soul of each and every one of her characters. She...

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Upbeat, Happy Dancing Oldies

With 2020 being a year to challenge “all years,” it can be harder than ever to stay happy and positive.  So let’s step into the Oldies Vault for some upbeat, happy oldies, sure to get your feet (and other body parts) moving! Nothing can get the party started like dancing...

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