Month: April 2024

Murder By The Seashore by Samara Yew

In this new cozy mystery series debut, Murder by the Seashore: Scarlett Gardner relocates with her boyfriend, Connor, to open the Palm Trees and Page Turners bookshop in sunny southern California. Connor takes care of the business end, while Scarlett literally runs the...

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Elusive Butterflies

In 1966, singer/songwriter Bob Lind had a hit song: “Elusive Butterfly.” Yup, he was talking about the elusive butterfly of love. But real butterflies can be right under your nose and you might not even realize it. Spring is here and summer is just around the corner....

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Deadly To The Core by Joyce Tremel

Deadly to the Core is the first installment of Cider House Mysteries by Joyce Tremel – and it’s a winner! It’s springtime in the outskirts of Orchardville, Pennsylvania, and Kate Mulligan has just inherited her great Uncle Stan’s fruit orchard. After losing her husband...

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Robins: The Icons of Spring

“He rocks in the treetops all day long, hoppin’ and a-boppin’ and singing his song…” Spring and Robins – they go together hand-in-hand. You can’t help but smile when you see a Robin because you know that spring is here! Sure there are plenty of other birds in sight,...

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Who To Believe by Edwin Hill

This thriller gets right to the point – Laurel Thibodeau is found dead, asphyxiated – murdered in her own home. Her body was discovered by her husband, Simon, when he returned home from a catering event. Who To Believe is a suspenseful and unusual thriller about a small...

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Easy, Comfy Bedroom Style

Your bedroom is the last place you see before you fall asleep and the first place you see when you wake up to a brand new day. That makes your bedroom extra special. You don’t have to break the bank to make your bedroom comfy and cozy. You spend approximately one-third...

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