Month: May 2024

E-Z Italian-Style Chicken Burgers

Here’s an easy, versatile recipe that’s pretty quick and doesn’t take a lot of effort. It’s Wonder Women’s Sixty’s Italian Chicken Burger, another free-style recipe from our kitchen. PLUS: any leftovers can be transformed into a totally different meal! Free-style this...

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She Left by Stacie Grey

Twenty years ago in a small California community, Amy Brewer storms out of a house party at a remote cabin, leaving behind her “so-called friends” forever. A victim of a cruel “mean girl” and a “mean boy,” she fled into the darkness of a heavily wooded park. Those 5 people...

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No Hocus Pocus, Just “Focus”

Sometimes life can get super busy. Sometimes life can get “unruly.” Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed or simply “losing your grip!” That’s when you gotta just STOP! Put the breaks on and FOCUS! Coming to a screeching halt and re-evaluating tough choices or situations...

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Keeping It Real — Really!

The world itself is truly amazing! No matter where you live or travel, look around – and really see your surroundings. When was the last time you really took a close look outside? When was the last time you found a cozy spot (even in winter) to just look up at the sky...

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The Black Spectacles by John Dickson Carr

Amateur sleuths who appreciate the likes of Sherlock Holmes and old-school detection will have a field day with John Dickson Carr’s: The Black Spectacles. This 1939 novel features an impossible-crime mystery. Poisoned Pen Press has been bringing back so many wonderful...

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From The Oldies Vault: It’s About Time!

Time. It marches on. It never stops. It’s relentless. But some things actually get “better” with time. Antiques are a prime example. And MUSIC! Take a step back into the oldie’s vault and reflect on these timeless classics – and yes, these happen to be all about “time!” In...

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