She Left by Stacie Grey

Twenty years ago in a small California community, Amy Brewer storms out of a house party at a remote cabin, leaving behind her “so-called friends” forever. A victim of a cruel “mean girl” and a “mean boy,” she fled into the darkness of a heavily wooded park.

Those 5 people she left behind all wound up dead – murdered – but why? A media circus ensued. Eventually, Sean, another friend of the group, confesses to the crime. CASE CLOSED. Sean goes to jail and commits suicide. But Amy and the victim’s families are not satisfied. Too many unanswered questions. Too many loose ends. An open and shut case at warp speed – something is off.

Fast forward to “today.” A high-profile journalist, Ms. Scott, is planning on writing a story about this murder from the past, known as the Memorial Day Massacre. She wants first-hand background information to complete her story.

Ms. Scott knows Jenna was the ringleader and organizer during that horrible night at the cabin. She’s invited Jenna’s brother, Adam, and 9 other people associated with the 5 victims, to be her guests at a stately, secluded cliffside house for a few days to conduct her interviews.

Amy is also one of the invited guests. Still traumatized, she can’t shake the feeling that there was much more to the murder than Sean’s lame confession. She gladly accepts the invite. It’s her chance to do some further investigating– maybe even get all those loose ends tied up once and for all.

Other guests included: Mike, the jail guard who found Sean hanging inside his cell; Sonia, Sean’s sister, who never believed her brother was responsible for the heinous crime; Detective Moll, now retired, was the lead detective in the case; Lorelei known as “a homeless crazy lady” was in the woods that fateful night. The other guests were friends of the victims.

When everyone gathers at the house, it soon becomes apparent that their “host” is missing. No worries — she left a note saying she was delayed, but there was plenty of food and their rooms were ready. But it doesn’t take long for total creepiness to set in, when all the guests wake up only to discover their car keys and cell phones are missing.

Then one of the guests has a fatal accident. No way to leave or to call for help – and a severe storm heading their way! And exactly “where” is their host?

When another guest suspiciously dies, the gloves come off. Guests begin turning on one another, pointing fingers and hurling accusations that may or may not be true. Is there a killer among them? Or is someone from the outside hiding within the spacious cliffhouse?

Hidden agendas from the past tie together with the present. Stacie Grey gives us a steadfast thriller – like a “power lunch,” it’s filled with continuous energy and packs a wallop. Fans of the classics Ten Little Indians and The House On Haunted Hill, will relish this fresh updated take on a seemingly innocent gathering gone “sinister.”

Just released in May, She Left is a perfect summer read by the pool, at the beach or in your own backyard!

A copy of this book and cover photo were provided by Poisoned Pen Press/Sourcebooks.

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