Month: March 2022

Grab His Hand (& Hang on Tight)

Most of us have seen those “cliffhanger” movies. Someone has slid helplessly down the side of a treacherous cliff or mountain and just as they are about to fall to certain death, a hand reaches down, grabs their wrist, and pulls them to safety. Each and every one of us...

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Claret And Present Danger by Sarah Fox

It’s Sadie Coleman’s first full summer as a new pub owner in the quaint town of Shady Creek, Vermont. Her literary pub, the Inkwell, sports a cozy setting of books, bar food, and of course, a well-stocked cache of assorted liquor. Sadie’s looking forward to the Trueheart...

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Free-Style Cabbage Soup

I love food – I love cooking – but I hate following recipes and despise measuring ingredients even more! Then I discovered how easy it is to make what I call “free-style” soups. By “free-style” I mean adding together a bunch of ingredients without measuring or looking...

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From the Green Vault of Oldies

The Oldies Vault is going green as we dig up some Irish groups and songs from the past. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling is an old, classic standard. Through the years it’s been covered by many artists. But in 1952, Bing Crosby made it his own personal hit when he released...

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