Month: February 2022

Today’s Word: Resilience

Definition of Resilience: The capability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness, springing back into shape. In today’s world with all the challenges we have faced and will face, resilience has become not only a critical, but necessary part of our lives. It is...

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New February Kensington Cozies

Check out the latest cozy mysteries this February from Kensington Cozies! MURDER IN AN IRISH BOOKSHOP by Carlene O’Connor, An Irish Village Mystery #7 On Sale January 25th, 2022 / ISBN 9781496730824 “Queen of the cozy police procedural (Publishers Weekly),” USA Today...

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From the Oldies Vault: Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air and it just doesn’t matter whether you love your spouse, a special friend, a family member, your pets – or even yourself! Celebrate love and life and take a step back into the oldies vault of songs from decades past, featuring “love happy” and romantic...

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How To Book A Murder by Cynthia Kuhn

The pandemic may have stopped or delayed a lot of things in our daily lives – but it sure didn’t stop a lot of great authors and publishers from giving us some really sensational cozy mysteries! Crooked Lane Books brings us How to Book a Murder, A Starlit Bookshop Mystery...

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