Today’s Word: Resilience

Definition of Resilience: The capability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness, springing back into shape.

In today’s world with all the challenges we have faced and will face, resilience has become not only a critical, but necessary part of our lives. It is our unwavering faith and resilience even in the worst of times that help us to carry on.

Every one of us has had days, weeks, months or even years when NOTHING seems to go right. It’s that old saying, one step forward, two steps back – but sometimes feels like a hundred steps back. It’s easy and understandable that folks can get to the point where they just throw up their hands in defeat and say “I give up!” And that’s ok – for the moment.

God has always said to bring our troubles to Him so that He can help us work through our problems. Our prayers never go unheard. And while sometimes we may feel the world is spinning out of control, He is here to keep us grounded. He has given each and every one of us the power of resiliency so that when life throws us a curveball, we can throw it back!

Gather your thoughts for a one-on-one chat with God. Then sit back, take a deep breath and let it ALL out! Let Him help you take apart your problems piece by piece. Let your relentless determination take over. Maybe there’s a serious situation that can’t be fixed, but maybe you can at least make that bad situation better. Maybe you’ll find an unexpectedly solution to a troubling problem. It never hurts to talk to God, but it will always help. He is your quiet solace, your guardian, your rock.

And after you have your talk with God, take a few extra minutes to really look around – what do you see? Beautiful children? A devoted spouse? A loving pet? Steadfast friends and/or family members? A nice, safe home? A beautiful yard? A stocked refrigerator/pantry? A warm, comfy bed? A job? Be thankful for these blessings – and for all the other blessings past, present and future.

Remember God’s blessing of resilience. It will help us stay the course as we take on life’s journey. Each and every one of us has had their share of personal struggles, but with His help and our own fortitude, we will get through it.

Every day is a blessing – a new beginning, a fresh start. With His help, let us make the most of each new day. We have the ability to “bounce back” in the face of adversity and live each and every day to the absolute fullest.

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