Month: March 2021

Lovely Lavender

There’s nothing quite as soothing as sitting in a garden filled with lavender. Lavender has long been touted as having a “calming and soothing effect.” Now that’s something we all can use! There are many different varieties of this bushy semi-evergreen herb. Depending...

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Hearts of Palm: lovin’ them!

Poor hearts of palm – I’m betting there’s many folks out there who don’t know what they are or have never eaten them. That’s why today I’m shining the spotlight on this nutritious, yet overlooked vegetable. Most vegetables taste better “fresh.” But hearts of palm aren’t...

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

When times seem tough, it can feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.  But the light is there – it’s “always” there, but sometimes you have to look for it. The pandemic is a classic example.  Last spring things spiraled downward at a rapid rate.  Folks lost...

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Music Review: Midland, On The Rocks

Hailing from Dripping Springs, Texas, this country trio knocked me off my feet with their 2017 release, On the Rocks.  The trio consists of lead singer, Mark Wystrach, lead guitarist/vocalist, Jess Carson and bass player/vocalist, Cameron Duddy.  Their voices blend harmoniously...

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The Man Who Didn’t Fly by Margot Bennett

While I love my traditional mysteries, cozies and thrillers, sometimes I like to switch it up a bit with a British Library Crime Classic.  Poisoned Pen recently re-released another dynamic, subtle crime/mystery classic, The Man Who Didn’t Fly by Margot Bennett.  Published...

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