Month: July 2020

Sunburn by Laura Lippman

It takes a lot of guts to just “pick up” and leave your family behind.  But that’s just what Polly did with husband #2.  While husband #2 wasn’t nearly as disastrous as hubby #1, she’s cutting her losses and blowing town. With not much more than the shirt on her back...

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Iced Coffee With God

These days, life can be so over-the-top challenging that it can even get to the best of us.   Social media and news outlets love to jump on the negative — it’s what they do — after all, negativity sells.  In a time where the world is still reeling with the...

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The Key to Kiwi

Our mom was a huge fan of kiwi – it was her favorite fruit.  She always had a few lurking in her fruit bowl on her kitchen counter.  And I know why.  When fully ripened, it’s one of the sweetest, tastiest fruits around – yet this little brown fuzzy ball gets passed over...

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