Month: July 2020

Oldies Vault: Happy, Bouncy, Feel Good Music!

There’s no doubt about it – happy, bouncy music can uplift spirits and get you out of a down sliding funk.  One of my favorite “peppy” songs peaked only at #41 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 1996 – literally a one hit wonder by The Wonders.  That Thing You Do! is just plain...

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E-Z Tips to Ease Uncertain Times

In these uncertain times life can be more up and down than a Duncan YoYo  — even these pelicans seem to be social distancing!   Here are some easy ideas to help you feel like you’re getting a piece of your “old” life back, and some new ideas to help you go forward. MASKS: ...

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Hot Hot Hot? Make It Cold Cold Cold (Brew)!

Buster Poindexter must have been in the throes of summer when he sang his Billboard chart hit Hot Hot Hot in 1987. I love starting off my mornings with a hearty brew of coffee – I’m addicted and freely admit, a coffee snob.  But when it’s Hot Hot Hot smack in the middle...

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Sunburn by Laura Lippman

It takes a lot of guts to just “pick up” and leave your family behind.  But that’s just what Polly did with husband #2.  While husband #2 wasn’t nearly as disastrous as hubby #1, she’s cutting her losses and blowing town. With not much more than the shirt on her back...

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