Iced Coffee With God

These days, life can be so over-the-top challenging that it can even get to the best of us.   Social media and news outlets love to jump on the negative — it’s what they do — after all, negativity sells.  In a time where the world is still reeling with the ongoing effects of Covid, it’s more important than ever to stay positive and focused.  Negativity begets negatively – a positive, hopeful attitude brings positive effects – that’s just the way it works.

Finding every day joy and peace of mind is often hard to do – but sometimes we need look no further than our own backyard or the nearest park.  Just a few days ago, early in the morning,  I was sitting outside under my backyard trees on my favorite bench, getting ready to have my morning coffee with God.  It was already pushing 80 degrees, and I knew it was gonna be a “hot one.”

As I settled in, this time with my “iced” coffee in hand, I heard chirping inside the nearby birdhouse (deliberately positioned within a few yards of my bench).  Their chirps were so loud and feverish that I wondered what kind “big” birds were joining me in my morning coffee and prayer.

To my amazement, a mother sparrow appeared and perched herself on top of the birdhouse.  Sparrows are small birds to begin with, but what big voices they have especially when mama is communicating back and forth with the kids.

It wasn’t long before a tiny baby sparrow, no bigger than a hummingbird, poked its head out of the house.  It cautiously looked around, then with one apprehensive jump, soared across the yard – so tiny and fragile, but yet so strong.   A minute later the second baby popped its head out.  Very reluctant and apprehensive, mama chirped and chirped at it until it finally took a short 6 inch flight to the nearest branch.

On wobbly wings and still unsure of itself, baby number two kept trying to fly.  Coach mom didn’t let up on her chiding at the weakest newborn, ensuring that the baby would keep trying to fly until she got it right.  Meantime, the oldest sibling continued to fly back and forth across the yard gaining more and more confidence.

For two days the youngest sparrow shakily kept practicing.  After 3 days, it conquered its fear and flew across the yard!  Now I’m sad that when I sit out on my bench having my coffee with God, I don’t get to watch “sparrow training camp.”  The weakest never gave up, grew stronger and survived.

It’s the same with people.  In these times we need to stay strong and never give up.  As hard as it can be, we must put negatively behind us and stay focused on the present and the future.  It’s time to look for the positive things that life still has to offer.  There are so many unsung heroes, so many good deeds that go unnoticed, and so many good people helping others in their time of personal crisis.

We can all learn a lot from nature.  We can all learn from the newborn sparrows being afraid to take flight and practicing over and over again until they became strong and were able to fly solo.

When things get disoriented in the world around us, look around at all of God’s great gifts and blessings.  Feel His presence in the midst of these challenging times.  He will never abandon us.  He’s like the mama bird chirping at her newborns to be strong, be positive and never give up. 



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