It’s A New Era of God

These last few years have seen a lot of changes – not just here in the United States, but around the entire globe. We’ve faced challenges never seen before – and we’ve dealt (and are still dealing) with many of them.

Things seem “different” and in some cases “off” from just a few years earlier. There’s a cautious feeling in the air, changing our perception of life in general. We’ve learned lessons, we’ve fought mental and physical battles and we’ve built up resilience.

For many, our faith in God has become stronger as we lean on Him to get us through the toughest of times. And while some folks may have turned a deaf ear to God, others who have never prayed before, have suddenly turned to Him to ask for His help. People are searching for answers and positive assurance as they begin to view the world quite differently than they did a few short years ago.

The world is changing faster than ever and we’re smack in the middle of it. It’s a New Era of God and it is testing our limits, yet bringing us hope and giving us clarity. There’s no loud voice telling us what to do. There’s no thunderbolt reigning down from above to let us know His presence. But there He is – as always, right beside us, giving us quiet guidance – but we have to be vigilant and listen for it.

And life has presented us with so many choices:

When we come upon one of the many crossroads of life and don’t know which road to take – do we just “guess” which is the correct path OR do we pray and listen for His subtle guidance so we can make the right choice?

When we need help, do we just sit around and feel sorry for ourselves – OR do we take some time to have that one-on-one chat with God and ask for His intervention?

When things start to drag us down (sometimes it’s the smallest of things) – do we let ourselves become a depressed mess OR start counting our blessings (both great and small)?

Do we let others minimize or shatter our faith OR do we stand tall and firm when it comes to our faith and our beliefs?

Yes, the world is changing and so we change with it. But we will go forward with our faith in God stronger than ever as we enter into this New Era of God.

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